Testimonial -Team USA Athlete Stefanie’s Gut Challenges

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Stefanie was in her sixties, a Duathlon athlete for Team USA and was experiencing lower abdominal pain, having been constipated her “whole life”.

“When I started out researching functional health, I was fighting an unhealthy gut. I was battling infection and I had so little immunity from the “bad” stuff. It was wearing me down and I am an athlete on Team USA for Duathlon. I am determined to keep up with the health needed to compete, while working as an actuary full-time at a small insurance company.

Moreover, I was engaged to be married and our honeymoon was at the World Championship Duathlon event in Aviles, Spain. I really needed help to turn this around.

Jack’s support services taught me how to eat a diet that provided healing and calming of the whole body. It shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. I found through the testing process that so many of the problems were due to stress, and my diet and habits fed the stress.

Learning how the body can be “reworked,” with a change in diet and approach to exercise, and application of specific strategies was the best way to get relief. Jack explained everything in a way that helped me to understand how it works.

Since then, I have married (happiest day of my life), competed, and just requalified for Team USA next season. I am so grateful for his help!”

Stefanie (Arizona, USA)

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