Are you Confused about your Health and Frustrated with your Progress so Far?

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A Great way to see the WHAT, WHY and HOW we work with you to gain Clarity, take Control and Solve Chronic Health Challenges. Take a look at what can be achieved with the Functional Health Approach that provides assessment, structure and a process for you.

To find out more, we'd love to see you in Clinic or on a Call for a Free Discovery Session. It's the quickest and most effective way to see whether the Functional Health Approach will provide insight, clarity and a direction to empower your health goals.


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Online Program


  • 19 Lessons
  • Unique HRP Insight
  • Online Access


1-to-1 Consult


  • Visit the Clinic
  • Short Discovery Call
  • Quick Insight and Q&A
  • In-Clinic/Zoom/Skype/Phone

Initial Consultation

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  • 90-Minute Case Review
  • Private 1-to-1
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Comprehensive Step-by-Step Coaching

Client Access Only

  • 6-12 Month Support Packages
  • Private 1-to-1
  • Client Access Only
  • In-Clinic / Global Online


Insight into Functional Health

Integrated Health Methods

Pulling Together A Truly Unique Approach
Functional Medicine
Take advantage of the emerging, progressive power of functional medicine, lab assessments and natural therapeutic protocols for digestion, inflammation, energy, hormones, detoxification and more.
Cut through the confusion and start the journey of identifying your own unique and individual nutritional requirements and let food be your medicine. One of the most effective ways to take control of your health.
Bowen Therapy: The right type of Bodywork at the right time has the amazing ability to integrate all systems of the body, enhancing posture, movement, pain relief, sleep, digestion, mood and more.
You are made for movement. But before you move ‘more’, move ‘better’. Learn how to harness your corrective exercise and movement therapy programs to create energy and drive your vitality forward.


Harness the power of functional assessments to optimise your health [Client Access Only]
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One-to-One, Step-by-Step Support

We are here to teach you everything we know about the What, Why and How of Human Vitality
  • #1 Insight and Assessment

    We start with gaining clarity and avoiding the need for guesswork and confusion. Reveal your needs and true health goals through an in-depth analysis of your health history and timeline, the Science of functional assessments and the Art of interpretation. Gaining insight starts with your Initial Consultation, interpretation of Functional Lab Tests, Nutrition Analysis, Movement Screening and Postural Analysis.

  • #2 Strategies To Build Vitality

    The Intervention! Now we apply and harness the Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Bodywork and Movement Coaching. Working together weekly in the clinic/online we enhance vitality levels through the Functional Health Principles. The assessments guide us to ensure food and movement are your medicine and your body's systems are restoring optimal function. All under one roof!

  • #3 Comprehensive Support, Pioneering Resources

    We work with people not only to solve chronic health challenges and achieve vitality goals, but to teach skills and strategies that last a lifetime. Some of our clients visit the clinic but we have coaching programs for you, wherever you are in the world. With a combination of video conferencing, online programs and clinic work, we have many tools in the toolkit.

  • #4 Consolidate Your Skills For Life

    Ongoing Reassessments fine-tune and tweak your focus and progress, consolidating the program. A fantastic way of investigating and understanding your own physiology/function and how it relates to your wellbeing. Great coaching enables you to take more and more control of your own health.

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