The Health Restoration Program

Here at the Functional Health Clinic we deliver the Health Restoration Program to teach you everything we know about solving Chronic Health Challenges.

We appreciate that embarking on this journey and choosing which program or practitioner to work with is an important decision.

So we’d love you to find out more on the ‘FREE Foundation Introduction Course’.

"Jack truly is a fantastic teacher. His program has taught me how to take my own health into my own hands. Now free from symptoms, life has never been better. Jack taught me how to climb out of my pit and how avoid ever returning to those depths. With more health, energy, optimism and ambition than ever before I continue to realise more potential as each day passes. Thanks to Jack's knowledge and teaching I have been given the opportunity to truly love life again."

Mark (Devon, UK) – Health Restoration Program Member

Insight into the Comprehensive 1-to-1 Coaching

The first stage of the program is the ‘Foundation’.

Find out why we start here, the pitfalls of missing out this vital stage and how to build once it is in place!

We strategically teach the Principles of Human Function, how to Assess your own Individual Function, Prioritise the Strategies and pull it all together.

We work with complex cases, which require a great deal more than a long list of different strategies and a tonne of guesswork.

The HRP focusses on as much WHY and HOW as the WHAT. 

If you are currently struggling with chronic health challenges, feel confused, overwhelmed and have been searching in the dark for too long with lots of guesswork and bouncing from program to program. Then please read on and take advantage of what we have to share in the free Foundation course.

Real Client Case Studies

Another great way to get insight into what the program looks and feels like is to take a look at the Client Case Studies. You may find people with similar chronic health challenges or learn about the process they put in place. How did they identify the causes and solutions on an individual level? Take a look.

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"I could never have anticipated the impact this programme would have on all aspects of my life that had been affected by my health. I am astounded by the improvement of all symptoms and the complete eradication of many others. Jack’s programme has supported me beginning a new career and enabled me to play sport again, as well as recover from symptoms relating to surgery. Following Jack’s guidance during this programme has been the driving force that has improved my quality of life far beyond my original expectations."

Fiona (North East, UK) – Health Restoration Program Member

The R-Phases

There are 4 HRP Stages.

Foundation > Grounding > Rhythm > Flow

In each of the stages we teach the R-Phases.

Each phase has been created and designed to flow from step-to-step, teaching you the strategies in the most effective way.  Integrating tools such as functional medicine, assessments, bodywork, coaching techniques, understanding human function, creative behaviours, nutrition fine-tuning, movement as your medicine and much more.

We’ll cover this and more in your Membership and Free Foundation Introduction Course.

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REFLECT – “Understanding Human Function, Vitality and Health Challenges”

We’ll consider this your starting point.  You may have been experiencing chronic health challenges for a few months, years or decades, but if you’re still in search of significant progress and solutions then we must reflect on what has lead to this point.

Consider – Why did you not bounce back right away?  Why have you not solved this puzzle yet?

We won’t jump in to the What should I take for this” and What is the cure for that” debates.  We’ll leave that for other approaches.  If it hasn’t worked so far, then the likelihood is that we need a change.

A change in approach, process, perspective, methodology, assessment, behaviour, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, cycles, patterns, mindset…….

A change in potentially anything really and we’ll expand as we move through all the phases. So, to ‘reflect’ is truly the most important step to put in place first and can of course be considered an ongoing process.

Look before you leap.  Before you decide on the assessments and solutions that you’d like to put in place, just pause to consider a few aspects:

    • How does the human body function?
    • What is my functional Blueprint?
    • Am I a system-of-systems?
    • How do we define ‘health’?
    • Why do we get ‘ill’?
    • What is a symptom?
    • Why have I not bounced-back?
    • Do I have a plan?
    • Is there a difference between ‘symptom-free’ and ‘optimal vitality’?

We’ll delve further into this to ensure that the next phases can be implemented in the most effective, efficient and powerful way.  Follow the steps of the Health Restoration Program to Reflect and begin the healing process.

REVEAL – ‘Assess for Success’

Building on a greater understanding and appreciation of how our bodies function – the second phase of the process is to gain individual insight and clarity into why you feel the way you feel.

It is often the case that by the time somebody seeks out a Functional Approach to Health and Wellbeing, there has already been many months, years and even decades of striving for better health.  There is rarely a lack of effort, resources and motivation yet there is a great deal of confusion, frustration and disempowerment due to the merry-go-round of on/off symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and bouncing from practitioner to practitioner.

Well, now is the time to change that!

The solution is simply to get off the merry-go-round.  In basic terms, you’ll benefit from stopping the guessing and starting the assessing!

This will lead to greater insight, clarity, focus, purpose and empowerment.  In fact – without this foundation of control in place the rest of the healing process will be much more difficult to build.

There are many ways to Assess your needs.  Mastery of this will involve pulling together all the different and valid ways we have available to learn about the causes of your health challenges.

One thing is for sure – there is absolutely no lack of ways and methods to assess the human body!  There can be huge value in anything from Medical Examinations and Critique of Symptomology to Functional Laboratory Tests and a Timeline and Onset Review.

Integration of these findings and putting them together as pieces of the puzzle is the most important skill.

Functional Health Assessments and Lab Tests do exactly what they say they do.  We aren’t trying to diagnose disease, we’re assessing your function in order to enhance it.  Here’s a quick look at some of these methods:

    • Case Review of Health History and Timeline
    • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
    • Comprehensive Digestive Health Stool Test
    • Organic Acids Urine Test
    • Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis
    • Functional Interpretation of current/previous Tests
    • BioMeasures (home physiology tests)
    • Nutrition Analysis
    • Functional Movement Screen
    • Structural Alignment Assessment
    • Optional suite of Functional Lab Tests including Adrenal, Thyroid, Food Sensitivity and Heavy Metal/Environmental Toxicity, Mold Exposure and more.

The outcome is simply more Clarity.  More pieces of the puzzle. Fascinating pieces to develop our knowledge of how our body’s systems are operating (Structural, Biomechanical, Digestive, Nutrient Status, Inflammation, Immune, Detoxification, Hormonal, Energy and lots more).

This connects us with the whole process.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or too complex.  We can all embrace the simplicity of the assessments and findings to take action and enhance the healing process.

Have you been this comprehensive in your investigations and assessments yet?  If not, then use the Health Restoration Program to follow the steps and Reveal more about why you feel the way you feel and what you can do about it. 

REWIRE – “It’s WHY and HOW you do it – not just what you do”

Before you decide exactly ‘what’ steps/solutions/strategies you are going to implement to achieve your goals,  Pause…………. Ensure that you have established the ‘why’ and ‘how’.

This is probably the most apparent challenge when we first review a person’s timeline prior to working with them.  There has been a great deal of effort and resources invested in the ‘what’, but only a fraction of attention to the ‘why’ and ‘how’.

It seems all too easy to bypass these considerations and jump right in to taking a new supplement, trying a the next new diet, a gadget or miracle cure.  Whilst this undoubtedly still requires impressive commitment, effort, time and financial investments  – It seems that it is quite a high risk and random approach that has no greater guarantee of comparatively impressive results.

If we continue with a behaviour and approach that has not worked so far then the results are unlikely to change either. So to rewire – is really to change.

Rewire the essence of the approach.  Rewire the beliefs.  Rewire the perceptions.  Rewire the behaviours.

Ultimately we can bring in Creative Behaviours to complement and guide the whole journey.

If you are ready to gain more clarity over confusion and mastery over mystery, there are many fascinating strategies we can implement to ensure that your actions are congruent with your goals.

REBALANCE – “Create a Foundation”

This will be brief for the purpose of an introduction, but ‘Rebalancing’ is fundamental and essential to the foundation of healing.  It’s with this as our focus, that we can begin to change our behaviours that are causing the imbalances (e.g. move, breath, eat, sleep, drink, think).

On Mastering the ‘big rocks’ and pillars of wellbeing we’ll be rebalancing the major functional and control systems of the body.

Digestion, Immune, Detoxification, Elimination, Musculo-fascial-skeletal, Central Nervous System, Autonomic Nervous System, Hormonal, etc.

These are all ‘huge’ topics in their own right, but they can be harnessed in a simple and effective manner to provide a foundation to optimal vitality.

Equipped with insight from the Reveal Phase – We harness the power of Functional Medicine Protocols, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Bodywork and Movement to rebalance the priority and specific areas identified by the initial assessments.  Which changes, techniques and programs are most affective at achieving this outcome is what I love to teach.

If there are for example, 100 steps that you could take, then how do you know which ones are your priority steps and in what order will you implement them?  This is often the most powerful aspect of a healing program, because without it there is nothing solid to build upon.

There are aspects of these methods that I bring into play at this rebalancing stage that I wouldn’t consider for latter phases of healing and vice versa.  The system I’ve designed for the ‘Health Restoration Program’ enables us to squeeze all the value and insight out of the assessments and achieve maximum results at each phase of healing.

RESTORE – “Express the Optimal Blueprint”

Restoration – the pinnacle of the HRP!

So far we’ve reflected, revealed, rewired and rebalanced and now it is time to capitalise and truly express the blueprint of health and function.

Through a diligent, informed, considered, balanced, connected, individual and aware process so far – you’ve earned the right to implement these next powerful steps.

The body’s impressive levels of function and organisation can now be harnessed.  We now go beyond the ‘big rocks’ or changes.  We continue to use the Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Movement and Bodywork to add the finer points.  More individual, targeted and specific steps become apparent.

Consider that these very specific built-up-to steps are often the first action people take, without the foundation underneath.  That’s usually why the ‘expected’ results are not achieved and the merry-go-round continues for them.  Until they eventually get off and make a change (rewire). Another classic analogy is that of trying to fill a bucket full of water, but it has holes in the bottom.

Fix the holes first!  Then fill it full (fulfil).  You’re now in a true position of strength and can compound your results.  Each step carefully designed to complement the next. A knock-on effect.

Follow the HRP steps to Restore and take advantage of a body and mind that is more equipped to achieve your greatest health goals.

REINTEGRATE “The Process is Cyclic and you’ve come Full Circle”

In essence, at this stage you will have made a great impact on your greatest health goals.  Great progress will have been made, more tools are in the tool box, more pieces in the puzzle and many steps and strategies will be in place.

Each and every process requires a time to re-evaluate and take stock.  The human body’s function is cyclic, rhythmical and dynamic.  It never stands still.

Therefore the approach to our health must mirror this too if we want to cement our successes and enhanced wellbeing.

‘ReIntegration’ simply means to bring everything together and consider the value of beginning again with the ‘Reflect’ phase.

What worked for you at one stage will not necessarily continue to be appropriate, effective or even wise to continue ongoing.

Can we stay dynamic, in flow and move through the phases again?  What requires reassessment, have the goals changed, any new requirements, further rewiring of perceptions needed?  In reality this is a continuous process that occurs daily, weekly, monthly, annually…….

We’ll have new perspectives, understanding, education, skills and experience to add this time as we add another layer of Mastery of our Vitality.

With repetition comes fine tuning and the HRP will help you develop the ability to maintain your success and create a robustness to your vitality.