2017 Renovation of the Functional Health Clinic

The vision of the Functional Health Clinic space was born In late 2017.  A space designed for quality 1-to-1 coaching and education. Somewhere that would inspire the delivery of effective and creative programs to enhance wellbeing.

Versatile enough to coherently integrate the teaching of different modalities and therapies such as Functional Medicine, Structural Integration Bodywork, Nutrition Coaching and Movement.

In short – an inspiring place and environment for a practitioner work in and for a client to experience.

Take a look through the Before, During and After to see it come together!

The Blueprints

I’m no artist!  But I love the opportunity of taking a blank page and the process of getting down ideas.  Then developing something from an idea to an actuality.  The challenge here was that we wanted a clinic that would work on a practical and logistical level, with an emphasis on creativity and education and at the same time as not being overly ‘clinical’ in the way it looks and feels.


There were a few specs that the space needed to cater for.

It needed to be a great space for 1-to-1 movement therapy, bodywork and functional assessments.  Environmentally it must have good Light and Air quality.  Areas for education and teaching. A Library space.  And a quality technical set up for International Coaching. Ideally, it would have some character too!

Here’s the room before we revamped it.


From colour to layout, materials to equipment and plants to artwork – it was fantastic to put my own stamp on the Functional Health Clinic space.  I started my business in 2004 and in 2017 it was the next step to create this clinic, pull together all that I do and drive the way I work forward.

But……first things first.  Paint over the magnolia!


A fully ‘functional’ and dedicated place to coach those committed to enhancing their wellbeing and solving chronic health challenges.  That’s what we achieved and enables us to teach the Health Restoration Program to people regionally and all around the World.

It’s exciting to work with a client when we can cohesively delve into the movement aspects, discuss nutrition, perform necessary assessments, apply bodywork, illustrate principles, troubleshoot, problem solve, communicate effectively and much more.

With this model and approach the therapies and modalities are process and client driven.  Not used in isolation for a this-for-that approach.


The Functional Health Clinic is situated in the impressive Victorian ‘Ouseburn Building’ and is surrounded by the vibrancy, industry and culture of The Ouseburn Valley and Newcastle Quay Side.  No matter the season its an inspiring place to work!