This is the best starting point!

Let’s assess so that we do not need to guess.

You can see from this illustration that the beginning of the journey is all about ‘Reflecting and Revealling’ and getting valuable insight into the causes and factors related to your health challenges.

We’ll start as we mean to go on and build a process that creates a smooth, effective and efficient flow for your healing program and I’ll support you every step of the way.

I expand further on the whole approach here Program Overview


Kristina – Orange County, CA, USA

“I am so thankful I decided to do the GI Map Test and Consultation with Jack Walton. I’ve had years of stomach issues and doctors would just tell me things like “you are fine” or “it could be worse.” I felt like I wasn’t being taken seriously and I am sure my doctors thought I was a hypochondriac. I knew I needed to get some help somewhere else and I came across the GI Map test and I decided to take action. When the results came back, I found out that I have parasites, Norovirus, and some digestive imbalances that were causing me to have a lot of acid reflux and heartburn issues. I had a Skype appointment with Jack after I received my results and I was so impressed with how he explained everything to me and what my symptoms may be caused by. He went over and beyond and gave me some great advice and I have already been slowly adjusting my diet and cutting out certain foods that were making my symptoms worse. I highly recommend Jack. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about functional health!”


    • 90-Minute Consultation Call (Skype/Zoom/Phone).
    • Full Case Review of Health History and Timeline.
    • Clarity of your Goals.
    • Analysis and Explanation of any Functional Laboratory Test Reports.
    • Nutrition Analysis and Feedback.
    • BioMeasure Interpretation.
    • Troubleshooting all your top-priority health questions.
    • Comprehensive written Follow-Up feedback.
    • Agreeing an Action Plan of Solutions.
    • Outlined options for appropriate Ongoing Support.

In simple terms, prior to the consultation most of my clients are feeling stressed, confused, disconnected and disempowered with their health and by the end there is much more clarity, understanding, connection, empowerment and focused energy.

If you’re looking for a bunch of quick fixes and unrealistic claims with a one-size-fits-all solution – then it’s truly not me you’re looking for!  My guess is that’s probably what a great deal of the internet has a provided you with already.  My clients are people who are ready to commit to the inspiring yet realistic, down to earth and illuminating process that healing can be.

The fundamental aim of the initial consult is to comprehensively review and analyse your situation and uncover all the potential causes and discover the solutions that are available.


WAIT!  If you just want to run the Initial Consultation so that we can comprehensively review your situation without any lab testing then that’s absolutely fine.

However, many people want to take advantage of the Functional Lab Test suite to maximise the feedback in the consultation and harness the power of Functional Medicine.  Here are some test/analysis options that include an Initial Consultation: