September 23, 2019

Functional Health Case Studies

Please read through the extended Functional Health Case Studies to go beyond the client testimonials and find out how they achieved their success.

We’ll delve into the functional lab testing and assessing, the principles, approach and the specific steps and strategies that we implemented throughout the coaching.

These Health Restoration Program clients are spread Worldwide.  From those who visit the Functional Health Clinic in Newcastle, UK to the online International Consulting.

Alphie (London, UK)

Alphie's 18 Years of Taking PPIs

Irina (Newcastle, UK)

Irina's Integrated Hormonal Balance Connection

Fiona (North East, UK)

Unravelling Chronic Ear Infections and Gut Health



Martin (North East, UK)

Martin's Chronic Brain Fog and Fatigue



Robert (Quebec, Canada)

24 Years of Ulcerative Colitis



Don (North Carolina, USA)

48hrs to Alleviate 35yrs of Digestive Issues and Sciatic Pain



Abbi (London, UK)

Digestive Infection Recovery



Alex (London, UK)

4 Years of Alex's UTIs Solved in 4 Months



Bob (New Jersey, USA)

Bob's Gastritis and Abdominal Pain