REINTEGRATE – “The Process is Cyclic and you’ve come full circle”.

This is the 6th Phase of the R-Phases!

In essence, at this stage you will have made a great impact on your greatest health goals.  Great progress will have been made, more tools are in the tool box, more pieces in the puzzle and many steps and strategies will be in place.


No doubt there will have been a lot of questions, answers and more layers of questions.

There should be more assessment and insight and less guesswork.

A process of modalities and therapies that have value and structure to their work and implementation.

A greater understanding of why you have been experiencing the health challenges and what you can do about it. More clarity. More control. More empowerment.

Yet – you may not have all the answers or solved all the challenges yet. 

Each and every process requires a time to re-evaluate and take stock.  The human body’s function is cyclic, rhythmical and dynamic.  It never stands still.

Therefore the approach to our health must mirror this too if we want to cement our successes and enhanced wellbeing.

‘ReIntegration’ simply means to bring everything together and consider the value of developing and beginning again with the ‘Reflect’ phase (the first phase).

What worked for you at one stage will not necessarily continue to be appropriate, effective or even wise to continue ongoing.

This isn’t about going ’round and round in circles’! 

This is rhythmically and cyclically ‘spiralling’ towards your health goals with direction, insight and purpose!

Check out the Overview of the R-Phases here.

Can we stay dynamic, in flow and move through the phases again?  What requires reassessment, have the goals changed, any new requirements, further rewiring of perceptions needed?  In reality this is a continuous process that occurs daily, weekly, monthly, annually…….

We’ll have new perspectives, understanding, education, skills and experience to add this time as we add another layer of Mastery of our Vitality.

With repetition comes fine tuning and the HRP will help you develop the ability to maintain your success and create a robustness to your vitality.

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