REFLECT – “Understanding Human Function, Vitality and Health Challenges”

We’ll consider this your starting point of the Health Restoration Program.  You may have been experiencing chronic health challenges for a few months, years or decades, but if you’re still in search of significant progress and solutions then we must reflect on what has lead to this point.

Consider – Why did you not bounce back right away?  Why have you not solved this puzzle yet?

We won’t jump in to the What should I take for this” and What is the cure for that” debates.  We’ll leave that for other approaches.  If it hasn’t worked so far, then the likelihood is that we need a change.

A change in approach, process, perspective, methodology, assessment, behaviour, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, cycles, patterns, mindset…….

The Functional Health Client Case Studies are a great place to see what this can involve.

A change in potentially anything really and we’ll expand as we move through all the phases. So, to ‘reflect’ is truly the most important step to put in place first and can of course be considered an ongoing process.

Look before you leap.  Before you decide on the assessments and solutions that you’d like to put in place, just pause to consider a few aspects:

    • How does the human body function?
    • What is my functional Blueprint?
    • Am I a system-of-systems?
    • How do we define ‘health’?
    • Why do we get ‘ill’?
    • What is a symptom?
    • Why have I not bounced-back?
    • Do I have a plan?
    • Is there a difference between ‘symptom-free’ and ‘optimal vitality’?

We’ll delve further into this to ensure that the next phases can be implemented in the most effective, efficient and powerful way.  Follow the steps of the Health Restoration Program to Reflect and begin the healing process.

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