TESTIMONIAL // Meghan’s Pregnancy and Functional Health Approach

A person’s ‘Health Goals’ are often related to achieving something beyond their health and wellbeing. And Meghan’s case was certainly a great example of this.

The goal was indeed to solve some digestive infections and gut health challenges, but achieving this would optimise her vitality and reproductive health in order to support her greater goal of getting pregnant and having a baby.

Meghan and her Husband live in Texas USA, so we ran an online and distance coaching program to put all of the assessment and support steps in place. Firstly we ran an Initial Consultation alongside some Functional Lab Testing and then worked together for 3 months.

Whilst the work we do at the Functional Health Clinic is not specifically about helping people conceive, this is a great example of the principle that the human body is an interconnected system of systems. It doesn’t take too much insight or consideration to see how the performance of the digestive system could be linked to hormonal balance, or the performance of the reproductive system. 

Thankfully, it seemed to be an effective part of Meghan’s approach. 

We were planning on having a baby, but then found out that I was dealing with an H pylori Infection and had various other health challenges that would ideally be optimized first.  

So we embarked on a support program with Jack to do this and hopefully solve my chest pain, irregular bowel movements, low appetite, weight fluctuations, PMS and low body temperature.

Well, to cut a longer story short – On completing the program I felt the best I have ever felt. Not only did we improve and eliminate most symptoms, but a few months later I became pregnant and now have given birth to a healthy baby girl!.  

Thank you Jack

Meghan (Texas, USA)

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