TESTIMONIAL // Jane’s Helicobacter Pylori and Acid Reflux

Working with folks like Jane and her daughter was a great example of just how individual each person’s situation can be. Even when working with similar findings!

As Jane describes, there were some tricky adjustments and plenty of hard work, but she was able to successfully achieve her health goals.  

Part of this adjustment, I believe, was that the focus and approach was coming from a different direction and is founded in different principles. Many people contact the Functional Health Clinic describing symptoms of acid reflux, heartburn, gastritis etc.  And many people identify bacterial infections like H pylori on the comprehensive digestive health testing.

However – a Functional Health Approach does not address these presentations and findings in the same way that other approaches do (eg allopathic). 

That doesn’t mean it is ‘better’ than another approach.  Simply that there is another option available, to consider and apply appropriately………..  Plus we did all this through distance coaching, connecting the UK to Texas USA!

For the last 10 years I had been treating a diagnosis of Osteopenia with Fosamax medications, but as it was still getting worse, my Endocrinologist wanted to increase the treatments. I consulted two specialists, but decided that I would prefer to avoid medications and the side effects where possible.

I worked with several practitioners, running various tests and applying steps like nutrition and supplementation. These all helped me make some general improvements, but then I started experiencing more Acid Reflux and one of my tests had identified an H pylori infection and yeast and fungal overgrowth.

That’s when my research brought me to the work that Jack Walton and Dave Hompes do. And most interestingly how the various health challenges and symptoms I was having could be linked in some way. 

Part of my concern about H pylori was that it was contagious and how that could affect my family.  So as part of the coaching support we ran tests to screen my husband, son, daughter and son-in-law.  We live in Texas, so it was fantastic that we could access this type of functional lab testing via Jack. 

My daughter’s test came back positive for H pylori and she had been ill for many years, since a child. So, whilst we both had quite different situations, symptoms and presentations, both my daughter, Meghan and I began working with Jack.  There were some tricky adjustments to foods and some supplementation, but we worked hard to put everything in place. 

The weekly support and coaching were an anchor that helped reassure us that we would be able to deal with this. I was quite alarmed at the beginning, but through conversation with Jack, was able to put my body’s health in a better perspective and deal with the findings as part of a larger goal. That lowered if not eliminated the stress of having the h. pylori and yeast and I gained confidence in dealing with and in trusting that I could influence my body’s health. 

Given the situation I was expecting at least a year of treatment. Yet to our amazement after 3 months our retests showed both negative for H pylori and the yeast and fungal overgrowth and most of our symptoms were alleviated.

We are both very grateful for Jack’s help and it is with great appreciation that Meghan and I say ‘thank you Jack’.

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