R-Phases for Health Restoration Overview

R-Phases for Health Restoration

Systems and Models

All the greatest teachers I have come across have built their own models and systems!

Pulling together existing information, theories, methods and teachings to create a unique way of delivering their contribution. 

Compiling and designing it in a way that enables them to share their ideas in an inspiring way.

And at the same time as being accessible and inspiring to those how wish to learn and benefit from the method, service, coaching or information.

………. Here’s my contribution! 🙂

From Chaos to Clarity

Through my career in Functional Health I have learned several modalities.  Each one is an individual therapy in its own right and could be practiced in a stand-alone way or service:

Yet – I’ve always been fascinated by the Principles of Human Function.  In fact more so by the principles than the actual therapeutic modalities themselves.  

In short – the focus is on which Principle and Mechanism of Human Function is being targeted, influenced and responding to achieve the goal. Rather than whether it would be [insert therapy x, y, z] that is going to “fix” the situation.

We’re avoiding a this-for-that scenario.

So when there are several therapies in play together it is important to avoid a conflicting, confusing, complicated and chaotic approach!

Creative Process

The R-Phases for Health Restoration have been designed to create flow, rhythm and clarity.  A coherence between the modalities. The individual and their goals taking centre-stage and the principles at the heart and guiding the way.

 It’s an evolving model.  A system with structure and flexibility.

The goal of my clinical practice, 1-to-1 coaching and the health restoration program is to help people enhance their vitality and primarily to solve chronic health challenges.

You can read more the R-Phases, Join the online HRP and find out how to work with me 1-to-1 here: https://functionalhealthclinic.co.uk/join-the-health-restoration-program/

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