December 19, 2015


LogoMovement can be your Medicine!

There are some awesome applications of exercise and movement programs that can be harnessed for health and performance goals.  In my experience, many people are not aware of the full potential of how movement programs can be applied.

Is movement a missing piece of the puzzle and do you know how your exercise program can:

    • improve your digestion and gut health.
    • cultivate energy when you are chronically fatigued.
    • improve posture and structural alignment.
    • alleviate pain and discomfort.
    • reset the central nervous system, which controls the functions in your body.
    • support quality sleep.
    • create better movement patterns.
    • reduce inflammation in the body.
    • strengthen the stress response.
    • achieve safe and effective changes in body composition.
    • ramp up detoxification capacity.
    • dramatically improve vision.
    • enhance athletic performance for strength, power and speed.
    • speed up recovery rates from training and competition.
    • remove your present ceiling of athletic potential.

So – if you’ve previously thought that exercise is all about no pain no gain, and have struggled to apply it to anything beyond ‘fitness’ or ‘weight loss’ -then hopefully you can look forward to squeezing the full potential from your movement program.

The body is a system of systems and our anatomy in its entirety is designed to operate perfectly when we are moving well.  Whether it’s circulatory health, bowel movements, reproductive health or breathing – optimal results require fantastic movement, posture and structure.

Our anatomy isn’t as static as it appears in the textbooks.  When we are sedentary or just creating tension and rigidity with exercise then the tissues and cells of the body become static, stagnant and congested.

‘Congestion’ is fundamentally described as the foundation of all disease, so using movement to create more rhythm, flow, vibration and energy is the essence of creating and supporting a healthy and vital body and mind.

Move better before you move more

When embracing this quality over quantity principle, striking the balance between activity/recovery, yin/yang, anabolic/catabolic, energy in/energy out – becomes a simple equation and a new skill to take control over your health goals.

Pulling together the Functional Medicine diagnostics, Nutritional support, Bodywork and Therapeutic Movement and Conditioning ensures that you can maximise your ability to take full responsibility and control of your vitality in a way that goes beyond solving current symptoms and further towards optimal and preventative levels of health.  All available in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.