TESTIMONIAL // Digestive Infections and Constant Burping

Burping may not seem to be the most debilitating of symptoms.  But when it is almost constant and is exacerbated even by drinking some water, it can really impact our quality of life.

Carol’s Testimonial below demonstrates some of the steps that you can take to solve health challenges like constant burping, gut pain, low energy, poor quality sleep and more.

In early 2012 I was afraid to eat or even have a glass of water because of constant burping. I also had low energy, pain in the gut, feeling sick, wind, mood swings, often felt tearful and had poor quality sleep.  

In just a few months of working with Jack the burping and these symptoms were gone. We ran stool tests and other tests to eradicate several digestive infections, balance nutritional status and improve energy production.

 One year later I feel symptom-free and to think that initially I was concerned I might be wasting my time and money (I am naturally suspicious by nature)! Jack has put me my life back on track and you can’t put a price on that.

Carol (Carol Morgan Hairdressing, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

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