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Maxine was seeking the ability and insight to take targeted and individualised action as part of her approach using functional medicine for preventative healthcare.

There are many steps someone ‘could’ take, but Maxine wanted to find out which key areas and functions actually needed support.

She didn’t want to wait until she was motivated by intense symptoms or pain, so we utilised some Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle modalities to design her program.

Here’s her Testimonial and we’ll provide a full Case Study write-up on using Functional Medicine for Preventative Healthcare soon:

“The sheer ease and affordability of the home testing kits is a great benefit to working with Jack.  At 59, although I considered myself in good health I started to notice a drop in my energy levels and I wanted to be preventative in my health.  Through comprehensive testing and follow-up phone consultations with Jack, I was impressed by the precise information and answers to my many questions. Even the protocols designed for me were easy to source and I did not have to leave my home for consultations, which is very valuable for me these days. I have achieved my goal of increased energy, with simple dietary changes, careful supplementation and an understanding of how to improve and sustain my health.”

Maxine (California, USA)

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