Brain Fog…..Case Study Excerpt

Brain Fog was one of Martin’s primary health challenges, yet there were many others including constant pain and aching joints, lack of memory, difficult decision making, headaches, lower abdominal pain, dry skin, dandruff, fungal toe infection, brittle nails, itching, erectile dysfunction, poor sleep and low mood.

This is an excerpt from the full Case Study:

Brain Fog and Fatigue and Pre Symptoms

The Functional Health Clinic

He also rated his vitality at only 2 / 10!

We want to achieve health goals as fast as is possible – but since I don’t have magic cures and quick fixes in my tool box – I explained to Martin that if we were to work together to solve the chronic brain fog, that we would need to be patient and give ourself the time to work through a process and infrastructure that would enable us to do two key things:

  1. Identify more factors that help him thrive – and increase them.
  2. Identify factors inhibiting his ability to thrive – and decrease them.

Quite a simple principle. But one that works when you stop guessing and start getting insight into how the body is functioning.

That’s why the first step of the Health Restoration Program is to collect comprehensive health history and timeline details.

Martin spent one whole Day in The Functional Health Clinic to run various assessments and discuss the way forward.

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