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  • Discover New Innovative Functional Chronic Pain Management Solutions
  • Investigate and Identify the Root Cause of Chronic Pain
  • Take a Functional Approach to Building Health and Vitality
  • Harness Power of Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Bodywork and Movement
  • All Under One Roof!  Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
  • 1 Day / 1 Practitioner / 1 Client / 1 Focus

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A fundamental, yet regularly missing step in conventional approaches.  By the end of the day you will not only have experienced various therapies and have a host of take-home strategies to apply, you’ll also have a new empowering perception of what pain and stress is…….and what it isn’t.  Understanding and enlightening this one principle will unlock your healing mechanisms and provide a solid foundation on which to build the next steps.  Your body is an interconnected system of systems with a blueprint for your wellbeing, so let’s empower it!



If you’re in chronic pain and looking for solutions then the likelihood is that you’ve been on the merry-go-round of symptoms and treatment for some time.  Unfortunately that’s the situation most of my clients are in prior to working with me.  It’s time to get off the merry-go-round and do it another way!  There are simple reasons for the success of this functional health approach to chronic pain and one is the ability to Assess instead of guess.  Why stumble around in the dark trying various solutions before you even know what the cause of the problem?  This is an inefficient use of your time, effort, money and energy and there is a much more effective and efficient way.  We’ll be harnessing the power of Functional Assessments of physiology, biochemistry, structure, movement, behaviour and more that identify the root cause of the issue and pave the way forward.




Remember, we aren’t just chasing symptoms and pain around your body.  This, as you may have already experienced, is fatiguing and ineffective.   What we will do is create more balance and enhanced function throughout every system in your body.  The end result?  Alleviating symptoms.  This is the way you are designed and as you express your blueprint more and more your vitality levels will grow.  During the Chronic Pain Clinic day we will utilise movement as your medicine, rebalance the body with Bowen therapy, customise your nutrition to your individual requirements and fine-tune your physiology with functional medicine.  When was the last time you pulled all these immense assessments and solutions together based on your unique and specific needs?




Creating the right environment for your healing and health restoration program is key.  It can be the difference between feeling engaged, clear, confident and in control of your progress and steps to being pain free and otherwise feeling confused, frustrated and disempowered about the whole process.  Of course, we want you to be experiencing the former not the latter!  Sometimes the approach to managing our pain is too generic and non-specific.  It can also feel like quite a judgemental scenario and a vicious cycle of right vs wrong, good vs bad, blame, fault and guilt and you may have already experienced this so far.  So on your Chronic Pain Clinic Day you will take control of your situation in a non-judgemental environment in the privacy of 1-to-1 facilities, with the freedom and space to finally get to the crux of your health challenges.




Putting it all together at the end of the day with a program, steps, strategies, mind-set, tools, exercises, assessments and more is important for two main reasons.  Firstly, the ongoing healing process often requires the ability to problem-solve and troubleshoot and having a few ‘strings to your bow’ will ensure you have the skills to continue your progress. Imagine nothing standing in your way!  Secondly, once you have achieved your desired level of wellbeing, the ability to sustain robust health and remain symptom-free depends on your understanding of symptomology and the ability to build a ‘buffer-zone’ of vitality.


Conventional medicine didn’t help me. I needed someone who could educate me on a holistic and natural approach. Jack has helped me regain my life, thank you for an incredible healing journey.

When I consider the costs, they were miniscule when compared to what I have spent with all but useless mainstream medicine, it is my advice to anyone considering working with Jack that you sign up.

Over 4 to 5 years of suffering from digestive issues my doctors were convinced I’d lost my mind. I felt let down by all of them. On the program I have surpassed my health goals and have reached the highest vitality since I can remember.


Functional Health Clinic, Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


Functional Medicine

Take advantage of the emerging, progressive power of functional medicine, lab assessments and natural therapeutic protocols for digestion, inflammation, energy, hormones, detoxification and more.


Cut through the confusion and start the journey of identifying your own unique and individual nutritional requirements and let food be your medicine. One of the most effective ways to take control of your health.


Bowen Therapy: The right type of Structural Integration at the right time has the amazing ability to integrate all systems of the body, enhancing posture, movement, pain relief, sleep, digestion, mood and more.


You are made for movement. But before you move ‘more’, move ‘better’. Learn how to harness your corrective exercise and movement therapy programs to create energy and drive your vitality forward.

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Intake Now Open - Date Scheduled on Booking



Ultimately, to sum it up we will be first assessing and then putting a program together for you.

We will use Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Bodywork and Movement.

To give you more idea of what this entails, these are the elements that will be covered.  It is subject to change based on your individual requirements and flexible to focus on your specific goals:

  • Assessment of your Pain Presentation and Interpretation in Functional Health context.
  • Physical Assessments of Movement, Posture, Alignment and BodyReading.
  • Designing your Movement Program.
  • Kinesio Taping Techniques.
  • Bowen Technique myo-fascial session.
  • Functional Medicine Laboratory Testing Assessment, based on individual tests run.
  • Functional Medicine Protocol solutions (eg Digestive, Detoxification, Nutrient Status Health).
  • Customising your Nutrition for healing.
  • Educational Analysis and Discussion on Lifestyle.
  • Developing Creative Behaviours for the pain management process.
  • A few bonus items for your home program and accelerated healing strategies (e.g. epsom salts).

To consolidate the whole process we will run an Initial Orientation Consultation call prior to the clinic day and a Follow-Up Support call afterwards too.


This coaching is a full day in clinic and gym, in-person experience.

There will be a combination of topic discussion and presentations, physical assessments, movement therapy and Bowen Technique hands-on bodywork.

The Initial Orientation Consultation will be held over Skype/Phone.

You will receive a printed manual and online materials with all your required resources for the day and aftercare support.


Functional Health and Performance

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Newcastle upon Tyne


My practice involves consulting with many clients around the Globe and also in Clinic for those people located in the region.

Therefore many of my clients in the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia take advantage of distance coaching and my time in clinic is limited to a few clients per week with the focus on quality support not volume.  I look forward to the opportunity to working with you in person, in clinic, to take full advantage of all the steps and strategies we can put in place.


Simply put, no, this is not a Medical Service.  It does not replace your advice and guidance from your Medical Health Care Provider.

The conventional approach to health is known as ‘allopathic’, which in simple terms means ‘to treat the symptom’.

It is important to emphasise at this point how important this can be and the functional approach is not an either/or situation.  The aim is to achieve an appropriate integration of methods that specifically work safely and effectively for you.

There is a valuable role for the allopathic approach in the management of our wellbeing.  However it can be viewed as one ‘piece of the puzzle’ or ‘tool in the toolbox’ where building health and vitality are concerned.

A ‘Functional Health Method’ is vastly different in approach, assessment, intervention and solution.  In simple terms we assess the function of the human body and enhance it.  We build health, we don’t treat disease.

Which you choose or how you integrate them is part of taking 100% control and 100% responsibility for your wellbeing.


Whilst the best time to start is ‘now’ and I’m always eager to share these solutions and get people on the program…. this is still an important question to ask yourself before committing to this Functional Health approach to Chronic Pain.

Please read through all the information carefully before booking your place.

I hope that you’re already confident and ready to go!  But if you still need some input as who this program is for and who it isn’t for then please read more here:


Jack Walton |
Functional Health Practitioner

“Developing a system that integrates all my therapies enables me to work on individual and empowering levels with all my client’s health and performance goals. It’s not just what you do but how you do it! You will find out how I combine these methodologies in to a seamless and coherent experience”

Who is your Coach?

Find out why Jack developed an integrated approach and his journey as a functional health practitioner so far.


Jack’s qualifications and experienced in the wellness, performance and gut health industry for over 15 years.

Suffering with many symptoms that were effecting everyday life, I searched a long time for answers before Jack helped me feel healthier and happier within myself and get my body to it’s optimal state, which I can say feels fantastic.

I had been in such a lot of back pain for about 6 months, yet within a week my pain had reduced by 50% and after just four sessions I felt great – No pain, not even any stiffness. The best experience I’ve had of a health treatment by far. And believe me I’ve tried everything!

Having chronic back pain for a lot of years I often relied on Morphine for pain relief. I’d tried NHS Physio without any improvements, so I was amazed at the difference the program made. Now no morphine or pain medication as the back pain has been alleviated.