Metabolism and Body Temp – Case Study Excerpt

Do you have a focus on Metabolism and Body Temperature as you embark on your healing journey?
Let’s take a look at a section Martin’s Case Study (full version here: 
Symptoms (eg pain, brain fog and fatigue) are not the only way to understand how and why the body is ‘dysfunctional’. Neither are the complex lab tests.
Each client that we work with at the Functional Health Clinic collects and monitors a set of home measurements.
These Biomeasures help scratch the surface of their physiology. Relatively simple, quick, easy and cost-effective, they give us great insight.
There are 4 tests.
One of them is Underarm Body Temperature.
It can be used metabolism and many functions. It’s also very informative in demonstrating just how much some food choices really are not working for that person’s metabolism!
Yes – even when the person states “I already have a healthy diet”, “I eat clean”, “I follow a strict Keto, FODMAPs, GAPs, SCD etc diet”!
Whatever you do or follow currently……the only question is…….is it working?
If it is, great – keep going.
If it isn’t – make a change.
The optimal Human Body Temperature is around 36.6 to 36.8 degreesC (underarm reference range) and in part represents an efficient Metabolism.
For example – These temperatures are related to the ability of enzymes in the body to function optimally – yet poorly at too low or too high temps.
There is a lot more to discuss around physiology and metabolism. Many fascinating factors to discuss from thyroid function, the autonomic nervous system, stress, hormones like Oestrogen, blood sugar management and more.
With regards to Martin’s Case Study we were particularly interested in how his apparent Low Body Temp of 35.5 deg C was related to his fatigue, his nutrition choices and how we could improve his metabolic health.
Six months later, coinciding with a vast change in wellbeing, the Body Temperature was now Normal/Optimal at 36.9 deg C.
Perhaps the most significant aspect of this is that from now on Martin has a home-based, go-to, quick assessment of his metabolism and overall vitality that he can check-in on at any time. He can be preventative. Ask questions and make changes early.
He can monitor his physiology to adjust something way before the symptom or the pain is required to motivate him!
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