Movement Series – Why Move?

‘Movement’ – one of the pillars of human function and therefore health.
As humans, we are made for movement. Each and every aspect of our physiological, physical, anatomical and psychological function is related to our capacity to move.
The body is a system of systems and our anatomy in its entirety is designed to operate effectively when we are moving well. Whether it’s circulatory health, bowel movements, reproductive health or breathing – optimal results require fantastic movement, posture and structure.
On a particle, cellular, tissue, organ, gland, system level, there is no function that does not require movement for life. Our vitality is proportionally related to our capacity to move well!
There are no coincidences in the design of the human body and the link between all of our body’s functions and movement on some level:
– Our most vital function is the fundamental movement pattern of ‘Breathing‘.
– And in turn – the movement of the breath enhances many other things, like the digestion and transit of food in the gut.
– Circulating blood round the body requires a pumping action.
– The maintenance of blood pressure requires an elasticity and contractility movement in the blood vessels.
– Bowel movements require muscular contractions for gut motility.
– The Vestibular apparatus require vibration to transmit the sound waves to the brain.
– Cell membrane channels are constantly opening and closing.
It’s clear that the way we move and the fundamental human movement patterns of breathing, bending, squatting, walking, pushing, pulling, flexion and extension, rotating – all relate to complementing the many functions throughout the systems of our body.
Move better before you move more.
When embracing this quality over quantity principle, striking the balance between activity/recovery, yin/yang, anabolic/catabolic, energy in/energy out – becomes a simple equation and a new skill to take control over your health goals.
So – if you’ve previously thought that exercise is all about no pain no gain, and have struggled to apply it to anything beyond ‘fitness’ or ‘weight loss’ -then hopefully you can look forward to squeezing the full potential from your movement program.

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