Case Study – Robert’s Post Symptoms

Post Symptoms

Whilst his journey continues, in the 1 year we worked together versus his prior 24 year battle, he made some great progress and is well on his way.  Most importantly, he now has full control, he’s taken the reins and has the skills to put the steps in place as his body continues to change and respond.

  Stomach Pain – Greatly Improved.

  Colon/Abdominal Pain diagnosed as Ulcerative Colitis – Almost Completely Alleviated Pain and retest for UC due every two years.

  Right side Abdominal Tenderness – Greatly Improved.

  Nausea – Greatly Improved.

  Belching – Greatly Improved.

  Bloating – Greatly Improved.

  Foul Smelling Stool – Greatly Improved.

  Constipation – Now managed.

  Headaches – Alleviated

  Upper Back Pain/Right side continuous – Alleviated and identified as dairy-related.

  Aching Muscles – Greatly Improved

  Low Libido – Improving.

  Fatigue – Greatly Improved.  Sometimes too much energy!

  Poor Concentration – Improving

  Depressed – Completely Alleviated

  Anxiety – Greatly Improved

  Frequently catching colds – Improved

  Cravings for salty foods – Completely Alleviated

  Dizziness on Standing up – Improved.

  Allergies – Gradual improvement.

When we first met he told me that when he improved his health he would “play the sports I love without being so tired and in so much pain after doing it”.  Well even more than that, Robert was inspired to enrol onto a Nutrition Course!  The true meaning of these improvements was all about what impact this had on Robert’s quality of life and not the individual symptoms per se.

This may sound trivial to some, but near the end of the coaching he went away on Vacation with his family and was dreading it as it might be like all the previous two decades of vacations: Enduring the physical pain and discomfort.  But this time it was different.  Robert came back and I asked him how it went and he simply told me that this time, it actually felt like a Vacation and I could tell how much that meant to him and his family.

Here’s the Full Case Study write-up:

If you have health goals that would truly impact your quality of life and Robert’s story resonates with you then please get in touch.

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