Restoration – the pinnacle of the HRP!

So far we’ve reflected, revealed, rewired and rebalanced and now it is time to capitalise and truly express the blueprint of health and function – with the RESTORE Phase.

Here’s the complete overview of the R-Phases:

Through a diligent, informed, considered, balanced, connected, individual and aware process so far – you’ve earned the right to implement these next powerful steps.Restore Phase

The body’s impressive levels of function and organisation can now be harnessed.  We now go beyond the ‘big rocks’ or changes.  We continue to use the Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Movement and Bodywork to add the finer points.  More individual, targeted and specific steps become apparent.

Consider that these very specific built-up-to steps are often the first action people take, without the foundation underneath.  That’s usually why the ‘expected’ results are not achieved and the merry-go-round continues for them.  Until they eventually get off and make a change (rewire).

Another classic analogy is that of trying to fill a bucket full of water, but it has holes in the bottom.

Fix the holes first!  Then fill it full (fulfil).  

You’re now in a true position of strength and can compound your results.  Each step carefully designed to complement the next. A knock-on effect.  You can think of the process from the very beginning to end as, for example:

 A change in perception and being in control of your health.

 Taking action and gaining insight into the factors that are causing our health challenges.

 Adjusting some behaviours such as sleeping pattern.

 With better Quality Sleep comes quality repair and recovery of the gut.

 Increased Digestive Capacity leads to increased nutrient status.

 Optimised Nutrition choices create more fuel for optimised metabolism.

 Efficient Metabolic processes lead to efficient function of the trillions of cells that make up the body.

 Lower levels of Inflammation comes lower physiological stress.

 Balancing of the Sympathetic (fight and flight) branch of the Autonomic Nervous System comes the balancing of the Parasympathetic (rest and digest) branch.

 Enhanced interoception of pain signals comes a reduction in experience in pain.

 Better Anatomical Alignment comes better structural integration of the whole body and systems and Movement.

 We could go on……. Can you think of some knock-on effects to integrate your wellbeing?


Follow the HRP steps to Restore and take advantage of a body and mind that is more equipped to achieve your greatest health goals.


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