Low Secretory IgA

Secretory IgA, or sIgA, is a class of antibodies produced by and secreted from mucosal surfaces, especially the GI and respiratory tracts. In the gastrointestinal epithelium, sIgA is the first line of defense against the entry of enteric toxins and pathogenic organisms from the colon.

When sIgA is Low – This could be a sign that it has been under a large workload and is running low on power, together with the fact that increased stress hormone production suppresses the levels.  The gut/body could become more vulnerable to invaders and pathogens (bugs, bad foods, toxins, allergens).

Martin’s Case Study

[You can read the full case study here]

The Low Secretory sIgA marker was part of the full and comprehensive Digestive Health Test that we ran. And this was probably the most important marker in all of Martin’s Functional Lab Testing.  It lead to many creative questions and strategies across many factors – such as foods to eat, foods to avoid, lifestyle changes, sleep patterns, immune stressors, immune support, pathogens, allergens, exercise, environment, toxins, told, viruses and many more.

We didn’t retest this one as the improvements in his wellbeing was all he needed to know, but it certainly would have been interesting to see where this first line of immune defence was after 6 months of changes!

The key was that we took steps to assess and gain clarity into the function and performance of the body.

With less guessing, we could target the priority changes and importantly, understand why these were so valuable.

Martin applied this principles in many ways. The sIgA simply being one.

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