CBC Blood Count Markers

Have you squeezed the value out of your Blood Chemistry test results?
It’s essential to use this test as vital insight and education into:
– causes of chronic health challenges
– identifying solutions
To have the desire to learn as much about the above, you don’t have to be an ‘expert’ who has studied blood chemistry, biology, human health etc.
You just have to want to take the opportunity to understand a little more and gain at least one more piece of the puzzle.
…. and where blood chemistries are concerned, this opportunity is missed time and again.
This particular test result shows a small section (CBC Blood Count markers) of a comprehensive blood test that we run with all clients at the Functional Health Clinic.
We can see Low levels of three interesting markers:
– Haemoglobin
– Haematocrit
CBC Blood Count Markers
Again – your job is not to be the chemistry expert.
So – what is the true and meaningful value of these low markers, that would add something to your ability to be successful in achieving your health goals?
Did you know that even just these 3 markers can potentially indicate:
– B12 and Deficiency
– Poor Digestion and Stomach Acid production
– Low Intrinsic factor
– Genetic Predispositions (eg Methylation, Iron metabolism)
– Drug and Vitamin interactions (block/deplete)
– Iron Deficiency
– Red blood cell formation considerations
– Other Nutrient and co-factor deficiencies
– Dietary choices
– …. and more
Each factor could require further thought and investigation – but certainly opens up the potential to empower the process towards enhanced vitality and solving chronic health challenges.
Especially considering that so often the following will often happen when you run a blood test:
1 – It just comes back ‘Normal’ and you are non-the-wiser about why you feel the way you feel. This rarely happens with a Functional Anlysis of the blood test markers.
2 – There are some highs and Lows – but there is no eduction on these factors or involvement with you as part of the process. Again this leads to really being non-the-wiser and pretty disempowered about any of the ‘whys’.

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