This will be brief for the purpose of an introduction, but ‘Rebalancing’ is fundamental and essential to the foundation of healing.  It’s with this as our focus, that we can begin to change our behaviours that are causing the imbalances (e.g. move, breath, eat, sleep, drink, think).

You’ll have already, I’m sure’ some of these steps in place.  That’s great! Sometimes this phase involves just a few tweaks and fine-tuning.  But – as required, this foundation could need more significant nurturing.

On Mastering these ‘big rocks’ and pillars of wellbeing we’ll be rebalancing the major functional and control systems of the body.

Digestion, Immune, Detoxification, Elimination, Musculo-fascial-skeletal, Central Nervous System, Autonomic Nervous System, Hormonal, etc.

These are all ‘huge’ topics in their own right, but they can be harnessed in a simple and effective manner to provide a foundation to optimal vitality.

Which changes, techniques and programs are most affective at achieving this outcome is what I love to teach.

If there are for example, 100 steps that you could take, then how do you know which ones are your priority steps and in what order will you implement them?  This is often the most powerful aspect of a healing program, because without it there is nothing solid to build upon.

There are aspects of these methods that I bring into play at this rebalancing stage that I wouldn’t consider for latter phases of healing and vice versa.  The system I’ve designed for the ‘Health Restoration Program’ enables us to squeeze all the value and insight out of the assessments and achieve maximum results at each phase of healing.

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