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The Newcastle Gut Health Clinic Day to master your digestive health is now open for April bookings (2 slots).

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If you have chronic digestive issues and are looking for solutions then the likelihood is that you’ve been on the merry-go-round of symptoms and treatment for some time.  Unfortunately that’s the situation most of my clients are in prior to working with me.  It’s time to get off the merry-go-round and do it another way!  There are simple reasons for the success of this functional gut health approach.  One is the ability to Assess instead of guess.

Why stumble around in the dark trying various solutions before you even know what the cause of the problem is?  This is such an inefficient use of your time, effort, energy and money.  There is a much more effective and efficient way.  You’ll find out how to harness the power of Functionally Assessing physiology, biochemistry, structure, movement, brain and neurological function, behaviour and more.  We’ll identify the root causes of the issue and pave the way forward.



The advances in assessing digestive health and gut function over the last few years have been phenomenal.  The DNA Technology has been a game-changer in the ability to identify an ever-growing range of pathogenic bacteria, parasites and fungal organisms.  Research into the Microbiome is expanding at a rate of knots as we understand the link between gut flora and digestive capacity, nutrient status, mood, behaviour, growth and development and much more.

Add to this the insight certain advanced markers can provide about the gut’s immune strength, digestive enzyme production and inflammation levels.  The GI Map Stool Test is streets ahead of it’s competition.  This test is Included in the Functional Gut Health Clinic Day.  Find out more:

GI Map Digestive Health Test



The body is an integrated system of systems.  That means everything is connected and is precisely the reason why so many ‘treatments’ are unsuccessful.  Chasing symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, can often ignore this fact.  This, as you may have already experienced, is fatiguing and ineffective.   You will learn how to create more balance and enhanced function throughout every system in your body.

You will discover the role of Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Bodywork and Movement in achieving your health goals.  When was the last time you pulled all these immense assessments and solutions together based on your unique and specific needs?



Creating the right environment for your healing and health restoration program is key.  It can be the difference between feeling engaged, clear, confident and in control of your progress and steps to being pain free.  Or otherwise feeling confused, frustrated and disempowered about the whole process.  Of course, we want you to be experiencing the former not the latter!

Sometimes the approach to managing our health challenges is too generic and non-specific.  It can also feel like quite a judgemental scenario and a vicious cycle of right vs wrong, good vs bad, blame, fault and guilt and you may have already experienced this so far.  So on your Functional Gut Health Clinic Day you will take control of your situation in a non-judgemental environment in the privacy of 1-to-1 facilities.  Inspired with the freedom and space to finally get to the crux of your health challenges.



Putting it all together at the end of the day with a program, steps, strategies, mind-set, tools, exercises, assessments and more is important for two main reasons.  Firstly, the ongoing healing process often requires the ability to problem-solve and troubleshoot.  Therefore, having a few ‘strings to your bow’ will ensure you have the skills to continue your progress. Imagine nothing standing in your way!

Secondly, once you have achieved your desired level of wellbeing, the ability to sustain robust health and remain symptom-free depends on your understanding of symptomology and the ability to build a ‘buffer-zone’ of vitality.

The Newcastle Gut Health Clinic Day to master your digestive health is now open for April bookings (2 slots).

Read more and book here:

Gut Health Clinic Day

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