BODYWORK – Bowen Therapy


Bowen Therapy or The Bowen Technique is a hands-on method that acts on the soft tissue (fascia) of the body.  It can be very light in pressure and is applied to specific points on the body in order to achieve a range of different responses.

There are many valuable forms of Bodywork and we’ve explored the mechanisms by which Bowen Therapy creates such a healing response in further posts, case studies and articles.  So initially let’s look at why the Health Restoration Program has this type of therapy at the forefront of creating balance, alignment, repair and vitality in the body.

Again, to emphasise, I’m really encouraging that we move away from a this-for-that approach.  By this I mean that conventionally a ‘muscle or joint’ ache, pain or symptom will classically be treated with a manual therapy hands-on bodywork and whilst this is clearly a relevant and valuable step – there is so much more to bodywork than this linear and narrow application.

The potential for bodywork like Bowen Therapy to actually affect and improve the function of many systems, tissues, organs, glands and cells in the body, is immense!  In fact it can be part of an approach to restore function of the digestive, detoxification, immune, autonomic nervous and hormonal systems too.

Have you integrated a bodywork therapy into your approach to solving your health challenge?

Read more on The Bowen Therapy page.

When we combine (integrate) this method strategically alongside Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Movement, the outcomes can be inspiring.  

Take a look at some of the Functional Health Clinic clients who used this modality to achieve their health goals.



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