Breath work for Chronic Fatigue [Case Study]

[Case study Excerpt…..]

Diaphragm_BreathingWe will always assess the breathing mechanics at the Functional Health Clinic.  It’s always important, not just when brain fog and fatigue are some of the main challenges.  Hierarchically it is a priority function for the body.  Which means that if anything represents a challenge to it the body will quickly compensate to preserve the quality of the breath.  In terms of ‘survival’ the body is perfectly ok with us having neck pain – if the postural compensation has supported our ability to breathe.  It would prefer great breathing and no pain of course…… But if it is forced to choose……

Furthermore – whenever the breath is compromised – the change in function is guaranteed to be having an impact on other systems, tissues, organs and functions.

When Martin took a deep breath in he experienced a pain in his lower abdominals.  He hadn’t felt this previously – because he hadn’t been breathing deeply…..for years.  His body most likely knew subconsciously about the discomfort and was avoiding pain by changing the way he breathed.

Consciously though, for success and progress, pain needn’t be avoided.  It needn’t be judged. You don’t have to fight or be versus it.

We spent time each week assessing and using various different breathing techniques and exercises to relatively quickly establish correct breathing mechanics and a full, deep breath with no pain.

“We have to remind the brain of its options. If mobility problems are not the reason breathing is out of sync, maybe breathing is out of sync because breathing has not been used authentically in quite some time.” Gray Cook,

With that established – Martin now had ~22,000 breaths per day working with and for him and contributed to him solving his chronic brain fog and fatigue I’m sure!

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