SCAR RELEASE – On a 40 year old Injury

Martin had a scar on the heel area of his right foot.  He had absolutely no pain in this area and no obvious link between it and any of his health challenges.

[CASE STUDY Excerpt…..

He hadn’t really given it much thought for approximately forty years, since he was 16 years old, when at the time he had an operation to have a heel spur removed.

Yet – we still saw the value of performing some very simple, non-invasive scar release work.

His response, whilst in no way life-changing, or having much impact on his brain fog and fatigue, was still quite fascinating.

Martin felt the scar at the beginning of the session and described it as non-painful and like there was a depressed ridge along the line of the scar, which you can see below (first/left image).

It takes about 1-2 minutes to perform the the scar release technique and then we give the tissues a rest for a few minutes before repeating.  During the break Martin described that he felt something changing in his right ankle, which then started to move involuntarily! For about 60 seconds his ankle slowly and gently rotated, flexed, extended, turned in and turned out and Martin could feel some discomfort.

After a few minutes everything settled down.

Here are PRE and POST picture of his right heel, which had changed to a lighter colour and the ‘depressed ridge’ had now flattened too.

Every Scar Release gives a different response and just illustrates how influential scar tissue can be with regards to anything related to vascular, neurology, skin, pain, movement and more.

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