HRP Phase 2 – REVEAL

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REVEAL – ‘Assess for Success’

Building on a greater understanding and appreciation of how our bodies function – the second phase of the HRP process is to gain individual insight and clarity into why you feel the way you feel.

It is often the case that by the time somebody seeks out a Functional Approach to Health and Wellbeing, there has already been many months, years and even decades of striving for better health.  There is rarely a lack of effort, resources and motivation yet there is a great deal of confusion, frustration and disempowerment due to the merry-go-round of on/off symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and bouncing from practitioner to practitioner.

Well, now is the time to change that!

The solution is simply to get off the merry-go-round.  In basic terms, you’ll benefit from stopping the guessing and starting the assessing!

This will lead to greater insight, clarity, focus, purpose and empowerment.  In fact – without this foundation of control in place the rest of the healing process will be much more difficult to build.

The Functional Health Client Case Studies are a great place to see what this can involve.

There are many ways to Assess your needs.  Mastery of this will involve pulling together all the different and valid ways we have available to learn about the causes of your health challenges.

One thing is for sure – there is absolutely no lack of ways and methods to assess the human body!  There can be huge value in anything from Medical Examinations and Critique of Symptomology to Functional Laboratory Tests and a Timeline and Onset Review.

Integration of these findings and putting them together as pieces of the puzzle is the most important skill.

Functional Health Assessments and Lab Tests do exactly what they say they do.  We aren’t trying to diagnose disease, we’re assessing your function in order to enhance it.  Here’s a quick look at some of these methods:

 Case Review of Health History and Timeline [more information]

 Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis [more information]

 Comprehensive Digestive Health Stool Test [more information]

 Organic Acids Urine Test [more information]

 Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis

 Functional Interpretation of current/previous Tests

 BioMeasures (home physiology tests)

 Nutrition Analysis

 Functional Movement Screen

 Structural Alignment Assessment

 Optional suite of Functional Lab Tests including Adrenal, Thyroid, Food Sensitivity and Heavy Metal/Environmental Toxicity, Mold Exposure and more.

The outcome is simply more Clarity.  More pieces of the puzzle. Fascinating pieces to develop our knowledge of how our body’s systems are operating (Structural, Biomechanical, Digestive, Nutrient Status, Inflammation, Immune, Detoxification, Hormonal, Energy and lots more).

This connects us with the whole process.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or too complex.  We can all embrace the simplicity of the assessments and findings to take action and enhance the healing process.

Have you been this comprehensive in your investigations and assessments yet?  If not, then use the Health Restoration Program to follow the steps and Reveal more about why you feel the way you feel and what you can do about it. 

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