Functional Medicine – Are you Grounded?

Functional_Medicine_GroundedFunctional Medicine is one of the modalities in play here at the Functional Health Clinic. It’s of great value and offers progressive ways of gaining insight about the function of your body and its systems.

You can read a myriad of client case studies where it’s been utilised significantly here:

It’s a great tool with regards to solving chronic health challenges and it’s certainly becoming more popular and trending as awareness grows and grows. Yet – It’s essential with this modality (and all others) to consider how grounded you and your practitioner are about Functional Medicine.

We receive many enquiries about how functional medicine could help a chronic gut or digestive issue, fatigue, pain, hormonal imbalance etc. Interestingly there seems to be a palpable sense that these are via promotions, content and marketing that promote it as the ‘be-all-and-end-all’, the ‘only way to do it‘ and ‘better than this or that’.  

Understandable when someone may have been looking for answers and clarity for years and even decades without success so far!  It could easily appear to be the ‘next best thing‘. But to be really effective in achieving these wonderful wellbeing goals, it’s simply wiser to establish a more balanced approach.

When investing your time, effort, energy, finances (resources) into something, it is most effective to go in balanced about the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages and opportunities and limitations.  If not, we increase the risk and likelihood of being somewhat skewed, one-sided or infatuated and ultimately unrealistic with our expectations.

Which, ultimately, would not be a wise way to invest in anything.

Furthermore, when putting something up on the pedestal, that is apparently ‘untouchable’ and has ‘no limitations or drawbacks’ we’re most likely creating a future challenge and experience of frustration, letdown, unfulfilled expectations etc.

Going in with informed choice and embracing the principle of being grounded and balanced, supports our ability to engage in the most congruent process for us and be ready for any challenge that may occur.  Preemptively strengthening and building a robust ability to respond.

Grounding the topic/therapy/modality actually creates a more productive, time efficient and successful approach. 

So ask yourself and your practitioner, what can be facilitated by functional medicine and what can’t? When is it appropriate and when not? Which questions can it answer and which need to be answered elsewhere?  How can it be integrated with other modalities? W hat else can be done beyond functional medicine to help me achieve my goals?

Next Steps?

If you have any questions for the Functional Health Clinic then please send us a message.  We’ll share some balanced insight into how we may be able to help you!

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