Right Corrects Left, Lower Corrects Upper … Excerpt

…. Case Study Excerpt ….

Read Martin’s full Case Study here: https://functionalhealthclinic.co.uk/case-study-chronic-brain-fog-and-fatigue/

The lesson that the body taught us on the sixth Bowen session was that there is no real separation of left and right or top and bottom.  A pain, restriction or dysfunction on one side of the body may originate on the opposite side.  Pain in the upper body may originate from the lower.

This may sound simple and obvious – but how many situations are there when the treatment for a left sided shoulder pain is only focussed on the left shoulder and left side?  How often is the treatment focussed only on where the pain is?

But what if that’s not how pain works?  Yes – Sometimes the cause of the pain is exactly where you feel it, it’s not cryptic.  Yet many times it may be elsewhere.  Ultimately you won’t fall into the trap of chasing pain if you simply use assessments that are designed to target the cause rather than the symptom.

In this particular Bowen session Martin had been experiencing left shoulder discomfort.  Specifically he felt pain and restriction when lifting his left arm out sideways and upwards (lateral abduction).  His left side range of motion was only 120degrees (ideally it’s around 180degrees).

Right corrects Left

That day the assessment indicated to work on the lower dural attachments (lumbar, pelvic, hip).  Not the shoulder!  But as is often the case there was one particular muscle/connective tissue in this area that unlocked the restriction in his left shoulder.  But it was on the right side, not the left! It was in the lower body not the upper!

The right Adductor/Groin muscle (located on the inner thigh) was particularly thick, tender and tense. Once released, Martin’s whole (left and right) shoulder girdle started to gently contract and relax for a few minutes.  Martin was getting quite used to these types of responses now!

We reassessed the the left shoulder function and now Martin could lift his arm out from his side almost all the way up to the side of his head (now 170degrees) and completely pain-free!  All without touching his upper body, let-alone his left shoulder.

Read Martin’s full Case Study here

Case Study Chronic Brain Fog and Fatigue
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