Connective Tissues and the Dura

Connective Tissues: Muscles, Fascia, Tendons, Ligaments and Skin.

Cervical Cranial Muscles Brain Fog

…..Excerpt from Martin’s Case Study:  Read more about the connective tissues and the dura here.

…..Anatomically there are lots of different muscles and tissues to label here.  So we’ll stick to discussing the ones that had most relevance in this Case Study on brain fog and fatigue.

Our clinical assessment (of Dural Drag) highlighted that the Primary Stressor on the Central Nervous System was from an attachment site(s) in the Cervical/Cranial (neck and head) region.

We carefully palpated the tissues to get a tactile picture and performed some Bowen moves. We worked on muscles like the Scalenes, Splenius capitis, Medial and Lateral Pterygoids and Occipitalis.

His natural head position when lying down on his back was with his head tilted to the right, yet this felt ‘normal and straight’ to him.  Martin had significant tension in two specific areas on the right side and we worked to release these.

To emphasise – we aren’t interested in just any tight muscle in the body.  There could be many of those!  These two were the droids muscles we were looking for!

The pulsing contraction and releasing that Martin experienced was a sign that these tissues (neuro-fascial-muscular) were changing their tension and relationship with the cranial bones. They were creating more structural integrity.  The cranial bones could then change their position, which in turn could potentially create a different space and environment for the sinuses.

It’s also interesting to note that the next day, Martin’s wife remarked to him that his “face looked different somehow!”

On Reassessment, this layer of dysfunction was resolved.  This was just confirmation that the primary stressor had been removed.  The connective tissues and the dura had been influenced.  It wasn’t a prediction that Martin would be sneezing and blowing his nose for the next 24hours 😉

It was confirmation that the bodywork had facilitated a change.  His function could therefore change and take care of the rest.

…..Excerpt from Case Study:  Read the full version here

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