Initial Sinus Clear Out…..Excerpt

The Initial Sinus Clear-out and Alleviated Brain Fog!

…..Excerpt from Case Study:  Read more about the sinus clear out and the full version here.

Would you believe that it took only one session of Bodywork (The Bowen Technique) to almost completely alleviate the Brain Fog, headaches and sense of pressure in his head?

The brain fog was a constant symptom of 13 years and in a single day there was a massive shift.

Here’s what happened…….. and according to Martin, the sinus clear out wasn’t a pretty sight!

When Martin came in to the clinic we assessed his structure and alignment with a specific test that is designed to identify the Primary Structural Stressor in the system. That which is connected to and impacting on the Central Nervous System.

This is great because there could be, let’s say, 10 ‘stressors’ in the body – yet we are fundamentally only interested in the priority one.  The 1 that has the greatest influence.

We don’t want to be distracted by the other 9!  We’d just be chasing symptoms without really resolving them and wondering why.

Especially when identifying and solving Number 1 will likely dissolve a few more along with it.  A reverberating ripple effect.  A much more satisfying and effective way to complete a 10-Point To-Do List!

Here’s the Short Version of what we did (then we’ll provide more technical insight for those interested):

The assessment showed that the primary stressor on Martin’s Central Nervous System was around his neck and head.  There was significant tension in the right side.  We targeted some bodywork moves to this area of muscles and connective tissues and reassessed to confirm whether we had released and resolved this first layer. Initially the assessment showed some encouraging changes – but the primary layer was not cleared yet.

We repeated some of the work to reduce the tension further and carried out more work around the Jaw (TMJ or TemporoMandibular Joint).

At this point – Martin remarked that he felt a significant sense of deep relaxation and described a “strange” sensation of the muscles around the back of his head and neck as they pulsated and gently tightened and relaxed. An involuntary squeezing and letting go….

This response continued for a few minutes and then we reassessed. This time we found that the primary dysfunction and asymmetry had been completely resolved.

Later that day Martin experienced the Sinus clear out of all clear-outs!  Mucus, phlegm and goo – all moving to the exits. The throat and nose were flowing for a good few hours that evening and the next day.

…………When there was nothing left, Martin’s Brain Fog had almost completely disappeared.  For the first time in over a decade!  His headaches had resolved and so too the pressure he was feeling in his head.  Together with a new sense of improved clarity 🙂

Credit to Martin for his response to his response! He went with the flow (literally), supported himself through the challenge and came out the other side stronger.

Longer – More Technical Version

For those who are as fascinated by this response as me – here is a look at some of the anatomy and physiology at play.

…..Excerpt from Case Study:  Read the full version here

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