The Awareness of the Fascial System and Bowen Therapy

I often get asked what is Bowen Therapy and how does it work? There are many ways to answer this question – just like for any bodywork, manual or structural integration therapy.

Fascial Release

It’s sometimes referred to as a fascial release technique. Fascia is a connective tissue that runs through and gives our body’s structure some integrity and form.

Fascial Web

We’re learning more and more about ‘fascia’ all the time. It’s a fascinating tissue in the body. Many feel it has been overlooked for a long time. Traditional dissection and and anatomy studies would painstakingly strip the fascial tissues out and discard them, to see the other ‘more important’ tissues and structures more clearly. The muscles and the bones had taken the limelight.

Exaggerated? A Distraction?

But – sometimes this means that it gets exaggerated. It trends. Now everything is about fascia this and fascia that. It wants some time in the spotlight!

For me, it’s more about understanding the role and function of any and all tissues in the human body. There’s no real need to pitch the bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, fascia, etc against each other. How are they all integrated to work together as a whole?

That said – here’s an interesting review of the Awareness of the Fascial System.

The fascial system has a solid and a liquid component, acting in a perfect symbiotic synchrony. Each cell communicates with the other cells by sending and receiving signals; this concept is a part of quantum physics and it is known as quantum entanglement: a physical system cannot be described individually, but only as a juxtaposition of multiple systems, where the measurement of a quantity determines the value for other systems. 

Bordoni B, Simonelli M

Integrated Health

I integrate Structural Integration into my practice for one reason. To work towards enhancing the function and integration of all the systems/tissues/organs/glands/cells in the body.

In addition we will apply principles of nutrition, functional medicine and movement.

It’s not a this-for-that approach.

It’s not a case of using the Bowen Technique as a treatment for a condition or symptom.

It”s not about an external modality/therapy turning up in your life and ‘fixing/curing’ you.

It’s about how it plays a valuable role in the process.

Fascia is fascinating and influential – yet a Fascial Therapy cannot master your body for you.

But it can be of great value as you go through the process of understanding and Mastering two vital things:

  1. Why you feel the way you feel.
  2. What you can do about it.

Through understanding more about how the body functions, then assessing how it actually is currently functioning – we can determine the clear and individual steps that have the most value in putting in place next.

And yes, working with and enhancing the vitality of fascia could be a big piece of the puzzle!

You can read the whole review of The Awareness of the Fascial System here:

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