Initial Consultation Feedback

Kristina’s Initial Consultation Feedback from last week

“I am so thankful I decided to do the GI Map Test and Consultation with Jack Walton.

I’ve had years of stomach issues and doctors would just tell me things like “you are fine” or “it could be worse.” I felt like I wasn’t being taken seriously and I am sure my doctors thought I was a hypochondriac.

I knew I needed to get some help somewhere else and I came across the GI Map test and I decided to take action. When the results came back, I found out that I have parasites, Norovirus, and some digestive imbalances that were causing me to have a lot of acid reflux and heartburn issues.

I had a Skype appointment with Jack after I received my results and I was so impressed with how he explained everything to me and what my symptoms may be caused by. He went over and beyond and gave me some great advice and I have already been slowly adjusting my diet and cutting out certain foods that were making my symptoms worse.

I highly recommend Jack. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about functional health!”

Kristina – Orange County, CA, USA



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