Fiona’s situation looked complex when she contacted me.  She was experiencing debilitating symptoms (e.g. chronic ear infections) and had been critically ill in hospital.  But having reviewed her health and medical history and timeline it looked like we could raise her ceiling of potential.  There were some simple and significant steps that had not yet been implemented.

6 months later and an astounding level of effort from Fiona, she achieved above and beyond her goals.

Read Fiona’s testimonial below and to hear more of her story please read her Case Study Here.

Fiona (UK)  | Unravelling Chronic Ear Infections, Gut Health and More!

approached Jack at a time I felt I had exhausted the options given to me by my GP and consultants. I wanted a more functional, all-encompassing, 1-1 approach which could not be achieved by conventional routes.

Admittedly, I was initially a little dubious. My symptoms were debilitating.  I had spent time critically ill in hospital and there was a financial commitment for the programme.  However, I was immediately impressed and put at ease by Jack’s enthusiastic, impartial approach from the first phone call. Plus his genuine willingness to share his knowledge and experience. Having undertaken the 6 month programme, I was able to gain access to enhanced testing, individualised nutritional advice in keeping with allergies and intolerances, supplement protocols, bodywork, as well as tailored exercise and movement sessions.

I could never have anticipated the impact this programme would have on all aspects of my life that had been affected by my health. I am astounded by the improvement of all symptoms and the complete eradication of many others. During this time Jack’s programme has supported me beginning a new career and enabled me to play sport again. As well as recover from symptoms relating to surgery. Following Jack’s guidance during this programme has been the driving force that has improved my quality of life far beyond my original expectations. It has allowed me to do things I had previously given up due to my health restrictions, such as eating out and going on holiday.

Jack’s approach has facilitated my continued improvement, even beyond the programme. I have the tools to further enhance my health, working well alongside continued NHS support.

I cannot thank him enough and would highly recommend him to anyone who wanted to improve their health, performance and ultimately, their quality of life.

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