Program Overview

Health Restoration Program – An Overview

Here is a brief and basic overview of how the program works.  Take a quick look and begin to understand the principles by which we can restore your vitality and health.

When there are so many Powerful Strategies/Therapies available, it’s essential to put them in the most Effective Order.  That’s exactly why I’ve designed the following 5 Steps below!

1 REVEAL – “Assess for Success”

One of the first questions I ask my clients is “are you experiencing a lot of confusion or clarity regarding your health?”  The majority feel confused, frustrated and disempowered and are on the merry-go-round of on/off symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and bouncing from practitioner to practitioner.

The solution is simply to get off the merry-go-round.  In basic terms, you’ll benefit from stopping the guessing and starting the assessing!  This will lead to greater insight, clarity, focus, purpose and empowerment.

Functional Health Assessments do exactly what they say they do.  We aren’t trying to diagnose disease, we’re assessing your function in order to enhance it.  Here’s a quick look at how and you can contact me for a detailed breakdown:

    • Case Review of Health History and Timeline
    • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
    • Comprehensive Digestive Health Stool Test
    • Organic Acids Urine Test
    • Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis
    • Analysis of current Tests
    • BioMeasures (home physiology tests)
    • Nutrition Analysis
    • Functional Movement Screen
    • Structural Alignment Assessment
    • Optional suite of Functional Lab Tests including Adrenal, Thyroid, Food Sensitivity and Toxicity.

The outcome is our foundation of knowledge of how the body’s systems/functions are operating (Structural, Biomechanical, Digestion, Nutrient Status, Inflammation, Immune, Detoxification, Hormonal, Energy and lots more).

That’s the Science – Now for the Art!  These are not stand-alone markers and measurements for isolated interpretation, leading to more take-this-for-that, hit-and-miss approaches.  They are all fascinating pieces of a puzzle.  When taking the whole person into account and with a bigger-picture perspective, all the findings are clearly interrelated and explain the current situation and the timeline of events, whether thats the last few weeks or decades.

Have you been this comprehensive in your investigations yet?  The next step is to apply this new knowledge and insight!

2 REBALANCE – “Create a Foundation of Health”

This will be brief for the purpose of an introduction, but ‘Rebalancing’ is fundamental and essential to the foundation of healing.  It’s with this as our focus, that we begin the process.  In short, if we can change our behaviours that are causing the imbalances (e.g. move, eat, sleep, drink) we’ll experience more effective rebalancing and the ‘side-effect’ will be less discomfort, alleviated pain and diminishing symptoms!

Equipped with insight from the Reveal Phase – We harness the power of Functional Medicine Protocols, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Bodywork and Movement to rebalance the priority and specific areas identified by the initial assessments.  Which changes, techniques and programs are most affective at achieving this outcome is what I love to teach.

If there are for example, 100 steps that you could take, then how do you know which ones are your priority steps and in what order will you implement them?  This is often the most powerful aspect of a healing program, because without it there is nothing solid to build upon.

There are aspects of these methods that I bring into play at this rebalancing stage that I wouldn’t consider for latter phases of healing and vice versa.  The system I’ve designed for the ‘Health Restoration Program’ enables us to squeeze all the value and insight out of the assessments and achieve maximum results at each phase of healing.

3 REBOOT AND REWIRE – “Advanced Therapeutics”

I will never cease to be amazed at how unique and extensive the ways in which the different tools of a coach can be used.  Yet we’re using the same broad methods of Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Bodywork and Movement! How can this be so?  To Reboot and Rewire is a profoundly different approach to Rebalancing.

The Brain and Central Nervous System controls the function of the body’s systems, organs, glands, tissues and cells. The communication can become disrupted and lead to dysfunction. The brain and body often find a solution to a problem in ‘the path of least resistance’. This means that if there is an obstruction or resistance then it will find another way to accomplish the same goal. Sometimes this is a perfect short-term solution, but over longer periods it can actually be a dysfunctional compensation. Identifying and going back in and fusing the obstruction/compensation is often a quick and effective long-term solution.

So in this phase we improve the connection between brain (control centre) and body.  Success comes from enhancing the central nervous system control of digestion, movement patterns, breathing, vital functions, neural anatomy structure, neural physiology balancing, hormonal signalling, interoception of pain and more.

4 – RESTORE AND REVITALISE – “Express the Blueprint”

The body’s greater levels of balance and organization can now be harnessed. It’s time to capitalize and truly express the blueprint of health.

You’re now in a true position of strength and can compound your results. It’s like rolling a snowball down a hill – It grows!  For example, with:

    • Quality Sleep comes quality repair and recovery.
    • Increased Digestive Capacity comes an increased nutrient status.
    • Optimised Nutrition choices comes more fuel for optimised metabolism.
    • Efficient Metabolic processes lead to efficient function of the trillions of cells that make up the body.
    • Lower levels of Inflammation comes lower physiological stress.
    • Balancing of the Sympathetic (fight and flight) branch of the Autonomic Nervous System comes the balancing of the Parasympathetic (rest and digest) branch.
    • Enhanced interoception of pain signals comes a reduction in experience in pain.
    • Better Anatomical Alignment comes better structural integration of the whole body and systems and Movement.
    • We could go on……. Can you think of one too?

Take advantage of a body and mind that is more equipped to achieve your greatest health goals.  If you are ready for a comprehensive approach that looks to leave no stone unturned on the the journey to restoring health and vitality then take the first step and Book an Initial Consultation.

Bucket full of holes – Analogy

Here’s the ‘bucket full of holes’ analogy to help explain the philosophy of the different phases of the program.

This is a nice way to describe the steps because trying to fill your bucket up of water effectively (vitality) you’ll want to avoid as many challenges and solve as many problems as possible in the process!

    • Reveal = Begin by identifying that there are holes in it. Amazing to think how long this goes unnoticed sometimes!  Are your assessments valid, accurate and meaningful?
    • Rebalancing = Plugging up the holes. An obvious, fundamental step. Foundational to any of the steps that follow.  Anyone who misses/bypasses these easy/simple steps usually experiences the frustrating scenario of investing a lot of time and effort, without the associated success.
    • Reboot and Rewire = Now you have an intact bucket, tick, it’s time to add water. This simply takes coordinated and more sophisticated steps.  The hose must be pointed in the right direction. Tap must be on.  The water pressure must be just right. Too fast and the water comes back out, too slow and it takes forever! We too need a highly organized and coordinated system that works well in space and time.  So it’s not just what we do, but how we do it.  The fine-tuning stage!
    • Restore and Revitalise = Everything is in place.  Now fill the bucket all the way to the top to full-fill your goal.  To build on the previous steps a consistent application is required to squeeze all the potential out of the healing process and strategies!  Utilise all the resources to ensure that your levels of function are optimised, ensuring you restore your health.

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