Bowen Therapy, Back Pain and Pain Meds

I had the opportunity to work with James regarding his long-standing back pain of many years.  His experiencing is an interesting one and appears to be a great example of how he was able to change and leverage several factors that were keeping him in a vicious cycle (e.g. pain, movement, medications, toxicity, congestion, sleep, mood, hydration).  I’m a firm believer of the bodywork (we used Bowen Technique Therapy) being just one piece of the puzzle and part of his success, as opposed to it being ‘a treatment’ or ‘a cure’ or the reason why all his pain was relieved and pain medication stopped (under advice of medical professional).  Credit to James and his ability to create an environment for his body to express his blueprint of vitality!

I had suffered from back pain for a lot of years and often relied on Morphine for pain relief. The amount of pills were increasing throughout the day to ease the pain, especially when I wanted to go out and walk the dogs. Within the NHS I had tried Physio and a TENs machine, but did not experience any improvements. When I began working with Jack through the Chronic Pain Pathway we started with the Bowen Technique. I was amazed after just 3 sessions (3 weeks) and the difference it made. Now, I’m not taking any Morphine or pain medication as the back pain has been alleviated. Furthermore my overall movement, walking is enjoyable again and my sleep is much better.

James C (Durham, UK)

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