Hello, my name is Robert Martin.  For the past 24 years I’ve been struggling with ulcerative colitis.  For the past 24 years, I’ve been consulting doctors and searching the Internet with the hope, of one day, being able to regain a normal life. Given that conventional medicine couldn’t help me, I’ve always thought that I could and would find the solution on my own with the help of the information and resources available on the Internet.  Unfortunately, a lot of the information available is confusing, contradictory and misleading hence making it extremely hard to know right from wrong.  In desperation, I finally realize a year ago that I needed a nutritional coach to guide me through this sea of information.  That is when I started looking for a nutritional coach that I could partner with.  I was looking for someone that would be available to me (whenever I had questions or needed immediate support), someone that would take the time to educate me and someone that would use an holistic and natural approach.  After doing a lot of research, I found the Hompes Method and Functional Medicine Practitioner Jack Walton. I have now been working with Jack for a little over a year.  Since a year ago, Jack has accompanied me in my healing process.  Jack has helped me regain my life.  The healing continues yet, I now feel for the first in 24 years, that I am finally on the road to recovery and that I am regaining control of my life.  The only thing I regret in all this is not having made this decision earlier.  It’s been an incredible healing and learning journey. Thanks Jack for everything you have done for me.

Robert Martin (Quebec, Canada)


My experience with Functional Medicine and Hompes Method Practitioner Jack Walton, was nothing short of remarkable. After years of searching for the answer to my ongoing digestive problems, I followed Jack’s advice to take a simple, at-home test.  When the results of that test were sent to Jack, he advised me to take a single action that would change my life for the better within 48 hours. He was correct. That was the beginning of a most remarkable three months of support (with Jack leading me all the way.) The information I gleaned during that time has been instrumental in improvements to my overall health that were wonderful. When I consider the costs, they are miniscule when compared to what I have spent with all but useless mainstream medicine, it is my advice to anyone considering working with Jack that you run, not walk, to your computer and sign up.

Don (North Carolina, USA)


After 4 to 5 years of suffering from digestive issues with numerous terrible and suicidal like symptoms which accumulated throughout those years that were worsening day by day. During all these years my doctor was convinced that I lost my mind and I was just over reacting about my health condition and he recommended that I should see a psychiatrist (of course I didn’t wait and immediately found another doctor). To make long story short I changed 5 doctors in a period of 2 years and yet I was still let down by all of them. The despair of my well being made me feel like it’s too late for me to stay in my body as life itself was meaningless with my condition. Eventually, my last doctor did another blood work and he found H.pylori, he then prescribe antibiotics which didn’t sound like a good idea at all (as my previous health disease which I think was part of the cause of my digestive issues). After two courses of antibiotics it still didn’t feel like I was getting better and the doctor told me it was difficult to really know if the H.pyloiy present. After coming across the Jack Walton and the Hompes program which yet I still haven’t fully finished discovering. I have made the biggest progress in my health condition and my overall health hasn’t just improved but I feel like I surpassed my health goals on the vitality scale and I’ve reached the highest vitality since I can remember. If I could rate the Hompes program on a scale of 5 I would give it 5+ as this program really takes your health vitality beyond your normal health status. Thank You Jack

Lawan (Canada)


Jack guided me to get my body to it’s optimal state, which I can say feels fantastic. At the age of 22, after travelling around the world I was suffering with many symptoms that were effecting everyday life. I searched for answers for a long time before I was introduced to functional medicine and we ran the diagnostics. It looked like a long road ahead to optimise my health. However Jack helped me using his thorough knowledge of functional medicine and nutrition and we started to get my body on track again. Over time, I felt more & more healthier & happier within myself. I can’t thank Jack enough. Not only did we clear the H-Pylori, but he also taught me so much about my body that I can hold onto forever and put in place whenever I need. Thanks Jack. I appreciate your time & the effort you put into this.

Abbi (London, UK)


1 year after completing her support program Brooke emailed me to say: Hi Jack.  I am fantastic!  Since speaking with you last I have become a qualified personal trainer and have never felt more alive and confident. The knowledge I was given/taught from yourself and Dave about nutrition/exercise and just the human body inspired me to want to help others. I never want a single person out there to ever feel the way I did if I can help it. Thanks to you I can finally take on the world and finally start living again.  I still have a long way to go and so much to learn. I want as many people as possible to know you don’t just have to pop prescription pills to get better.  More people need to be informed that food can be our medicine along with an active lifestyle. I am living proof of it 🙂

Brooke (Victoria, Australia)


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