Is this program right for you?

Put simply, the Health Restoration Program is for anyone who wants to optimise their level of vitality and is ready for the rewarding journey that gets you there.  It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that!  Yet, sometimes there are other factors that make this a perfect fit, so here’s a quick checklist  for you.

So, Who is this Program for?  It’s for people who:

  • Desire Optimal Vitality that surpasses previous levels of health.
  • Want to take advantage of combined methods (Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Bodywork, Movement) all designed around your specific requirements, via one coherent method.
  • Want to identify the root cause of your health challenges.
  • Do not just want to chase symptoms around your body.
  • See the body and as a connected and interlinked system of systems (or at least want to learn more about this).
  • Are sick and tired of feeling confused about your situation and want more clarity and control over your own health and wellbeing.
  • Want and value 1-to-1 support to guide you through the steps in an efficient and effective manner.
  • See enhancing health as a learning process and are ready for a rewarding journey.
  • Understand that every ‘problem’/challenge has a solution and that is how we achieve progress.
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Value time and support as more valuable than receiving lists of supplements for your ailments.
  • Are (realistically) based in the North East of England as the Bodywork and Movement sessions are conducted in a private Conditioning and Clinic Facility.  Contact me for options for distance coaching if needed and join my International client list.
  • …I hope you’ve read through of my Testimonials to get more of a first-hand experience of what its all about.

My client base is varied.  The range of health challenges and goals are diverse and with a Global client list the scenarios and situations are never repetitive or boring!  I’ve learnt a great deal from every one of my clients and it’s clear what attributes it takes to be successful in achieving everything they want from their vitality and quality of life.

I also humbly acknowledge that there are some fantastic practitioners, programs, methods and teachers out there (I’ve trained with and learnt from many of them).  There are various ways you could go about enhancing your wellbeing and they will be subtly and radically different from The Health Restoration Program that I deliver.  All I know is that I have formulated something that is tried and tested, evidence-based, experiential and is the way that enables me to deliver great resources and coaching to those who want the journey to optimal health.  I want you to make the right decision here, because as a team I know we can’t fail.

Who is this Program NOT for?  

It’s actually just as important to know that this program is not for you.  When I’m given the opportunity to work with someone I consider it a privilege and in order to achieve their most important health goals, naturally I’m going to give 100%.  Therefore I demand and expect 100% commitment and devotion from my clients too.

It seems odd that this wouldn’t be the case, but it is actually quite common in the health industry and I ensure that this doesn’t happen and we can hit the ground running.  Many people end up following diets, signing up to exercise regimes, buying various gadgets and equipment and all because they thought that’s what they should do, or were told to do so by someone else, but all along it just didn’t seem right for themselves.  I’m looking for less random trial and error than that!

Why is this important?  Well, once the initial will-power wears off you’ll wonder why you ever started on the latest fad and gimmick and realise you could have listened to your gut-feeling after all.

The fact is that there are multiple options and choices for people when embarking on health goals and success is most likely when they choose an an approach that resonates with them. They connect to it and it seems a good fit.

So it is essential that you choose the Six-Month Integrative Health Program for the right reasons (and I truly hope it is), but steer clear if it’s not for you.

Please do not sign up if you:

  • Are looking for the quick fix and next miracle-cure.
  • Don’t want to take 100% responsibility for your health and vitality.
  • Just want a list of supplements to ‘fix’ your symptoms.
  • Expect to receive the next one-size-fits-all diet program.
  • Are looking for the cheapest option on the market.
  • Want an Allopathic approach to health (conventional healthcare system).
  • Don’t feel that the Integrative Health approach is the right fit for you.
  • Have read this far and I’ve already bored you!  Imagine how you’d feel after six months of it!!

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