Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and Consult



  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Report (£100)
  • Initial Consultation (£250)


What’s Included in the Initial Consultation?

    • 90-Minute Consultation Call (Skype/Phone).
    • Full Case Review of Health History and Timeline.
    • Clarity of your Goals.
    • Analysis and Explanation of Functional Laboratory Test Reports.
    • Nutrition Analysis and Feedback.
    • BioMeasure Interpretation.
    • Troubleshooting all your top-priority health questions.
    • Comprehensive written Follow-Up feedback.
    • Agreeing an Action Plan of Solutions.
    • Outlined options for appropriate Ongoing Support.

In simple terms, prior to the consultation most of my clients are feeling stressed, confused, disconnected and disempowered with their health and at the end there is much more clarity, understanding, connection, empowerment and focused energy.

If you’re looking for a bunch of quick fixes and unrealistic claims with a one-size-fits-all solution – then it’s truly not me you’re looking for!  My guess is that’s probably what a great deal of the internet has a provided you with already.  My clients are people who are ready to commit to the inspiring yet realistic, down to earth and illuminating process that healing can be.

The fundamental aim of the initial consult is to comprehensively review and analyse your situation and uncover all the potential causes and discover the solutions that are available.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Read more about the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis here:

Note – This report uses software that analyses existing test results (it isn’t the blood test itself).

If you already have your blood test report you can send this through for analysis via email.  If you do not already have an existing test, we can advise you on which markers to run and recommend which facility to use, if you are not organising via your Primary Health Provider.


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