November 26, 2015

Who is your Coach?

I’ve always been inspired by people in every walk of life who have a goal and do what it takes to achieve it.  With regards to health and performance it’s been my own goal to learn from leaders and work with clients who have this same desire.

I’ve had to put everything I know into practice as I’ve trouble-shooted and problem-solved my own performance goals and health challenges, which is a very rewarding process.  Today, with the Health Restoration Program, I have achieved something that I have been working towards for many years.  A Functional Health system and set of tools that support and help transform a person’s quality of life.  I’ve travelled far and invested greatly in learning from some of the most innovative teachers and the most exciting part for me is how I then take what I have learned and coherently add it to my own unique approach.

Combining the Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Exercise, Movement and hands-on Structural Integration and Bodywork aspects of conditioning and therapy has always fascinated me.  I’ve learned from some of the best practitioners and leaders in the world in these disciplines (and beyond), from Paul Chek, Dr John Demartini, Dave Hompes, Sam Yanuck, Michael McEvoy, Graham Pennington, Charles Poliquin, Gary Gray and Gil Hedley. Being able to pull together all the different techniques and effectively utilise them in the most individual and valuable way for each client is an exciting and empowering service to provide.

This is why we, at the Functional Health Clinic, have been able to work with so many people in solving their chronic health challenges over the years.  Be it with regards to pain, fatigue, gut health, autoimmune/inflammatory, hormonal, sleep, mood, metabolism or other.

In the search for better health and vitality many people experience a lot of confusion, frustration and sense that they no longer have control, or are in the driving seat.  Part of the challenge here is that, in my experience, the health and wellbeing industry creates a strong sense of this is ‘right’ or that is ‘wrong’, you ‘should’ do this and you ‘shouldn’t’ do that and places a lot of judgment.  Ultimately all this achieves is a myriad of one-size-fits-all, magic-cure culture that places a ceiling on people’s true potential.  

My aim is to provide a healing environment free of judgment, ensuring that greater clarity helps to create a process conducive to progress for the person to regain real control of their own health and function.

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