February 12, 2016

Support Packages

Health Restoration Support Packages

The ongoing support will enable us to put everything we have learned in the initial consultation and case review in to place.  From optimising the nutrition step by step, running and interpreting any functional lab diagnostics, designing healing protocols, instantly troubleshooting any challenges to providing an integrated and holistic approach including powerful bodywork and movement therapies …… this is an inspiring and educational process!

Are you ready to apply the most effective and pioneering strategies for optimising vitality?

Does this functional approach sound like a good fit?

If the answer is Yes!  Choose the most appropriate level of consultancy support below:

Functional Medicine

IN-CLINIC 'Comprehensive Support' - 6 Months

Gain complete, continuous and uninterrupted access to all coaching services in-clinic (Newcastle, UK) and online.  For those who want to leave no stone unturned, raise the ceiling of potential and commit fully to what is possible in their health restoration journey.

  • Weekly Functional Medicine Consultancy to guide you every step of the way.
  • Unlimited Email access throughout.
  • Unlimited number of 1-to-1 Exercise appointments.
  • Unlimited number of 1-to-1 Bodywork appointments.
  • 6 Months of continuous coaching.
  • Online Nutrition Program.
  • Includes Pre and Post Functional Analysis Reports on existing Blood Chemistry Tests (2 x tests, £200 value).
  • Includes Pre and Post Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (2 x tests, £120 value).
Functional Health Coaching

ONLINE 'Global Support' - 3 Months

Take control of your health.  We’ll work together in 90 day blocks with a primary focus on Distance Coaching with weekly Consultancy to guide you through a Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle program:

  • 90 Days of 1-to-1 Coaching.
  • Weekly Consultancy to guide you step by step.
  • Unlimited Email access throughout.
  • Primary focus on Functional Medicine and Nutrition coaching.
  • Online Nutrition Program.
  • Includes Functional Analysis Report on an existing Blood Chemistry Test (£100 value).
  • Includes Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (£60 value).
  • Bodywork and Exercise available as additional.