April 9, 2016

Health History Form

The ability to draw effective conclusions about your present state of health and how to improve it depends, to a significant extent, on your ability to respond thoughtfully and accurately to both these written questions and those posed by the clinician during your consultations. Health issues are usually influenced by many factors. Accurately assessing all the factors and comprehensively managing them is the best way to deal with these health challenges. These questions will help to identify underlying causes of illness and will also assist us to formulate an action plan.

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Health History Form

20) Please select all those that apply to you:
21) In order to improve your health, how willing are you to (Rate on a scale of : 5 = very willing to 1 = not willing):
22) Rate on a scale of: 5 = very confident to 1 = not confident at all:
23) Rate on a scale of: 5 = very supportive to 1 = not supportive at all:

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