September 7, 2016

Abbi’s ‘Digestive Infection Recovery’ [CASE STUDY]

When Abbi first contacted us she was 22 and had been suffering from a long list of symptoms for about 18 months, without improvement, since going travelling.

Coleman_A_Photo“I am a 22 year old Australian girl living away from home in London. After months of travel, I was suffering with many different symptoms that were effecting my everyday life.”

Abbi’s case is a perfect example of the how the ‘Health Restoration Program’ works. Each phase from Assessment through to Solutions is nicely illustrated.

When we first met, Abbi had not been making any progress working with her Doctor on the following health challenges, including:

  • Constipation
  • Always thirsty and hungry
  • Bad breath
Dermatitis in cold weather and when under stress
  • A major energy dip at 3pm
  • Broken sleep
  • Headaches
  • Asthma during the winter months (triggered by the cold weather/air)
  • 4-5kg overweight
Constant double vision

After listening to her story and timeline we had no doubt we could help.

In short, fortunately within 4 months of diligent work, Abbi was able to alleviate almost all of these symptoms.

How did she do it?

Whilst it was by no means easy, the principles by which these remarkable results were achieved are actually quite simple.

Yes human anatomy and physiology can get complex, but that doesn’t mean the process of healing must also be complicated. So let’s keep it simple.

The first step to take was to reassure Abbi that these symptoms were feedback from her body. Feedback that there were too many ‘bad’ things in her body causing disruption (inflammatory foods, digestive infections, toxins etc) and too much of the ‘good’ stuff was missing (healing foods, hydration, beneficial bugs, nutrients etc).

The second step was to establish that even though her wide range symptoms were affecting different areas, systems and tissues in her body (energy, skin, gut etc), they were in fact all linked.

The power was with Abbi and she was about to take more and more responsibility
and control for removing the bad and putting back the good stuff!

As illustrated by the Program Overview you can see the Program_Overviewimportance of ‘Revealing’. This is the Assessment stage and kicks the process off with much needed insight and clarity.

So that’s exactly what we did. Abbi ran a comprehensive digestive health stool test. I’m not a fan of guessing what is causing a particular symptom, especially when digestive infections are concerned because there is just so much cross-over between different bugs.

Let’s avoid the merry-go-round of guess-work, crossing our fingers and run quality assessments instead!

Here is part of Abbi’s stool test that highlights one of the main findings. You can see that there is a Helicobacter pylori bacterial infection and a potential Parasitic infection.


The pieces of the puzzle were coming together to present the bigger picture. I remember the change in Abbi’s confidence and focus when we discussed the results. I can’t emphasise enough the powerful affect that the clarity of identifying these key factors had on her.

At that moment the health challenges hadn’t changed in themselves, but Abbi’s focus, mindset and empowerment had, which was fantastic and a foundational step for the rest of her success.

Even with this diagnostic, simply spending 30 days fine-tuning her nutrition finally started to bring about some improvements to the symptoms.

Abbi didn’t want to use Antibiotics via her Medical Doctor so she followed a specific herbal cleanse to support her ability to remove the digestive infections.

To consolidate the process we focused on ‘Rebalancing’ various aspects of her lifestyle (sleep, work, nutrition, exercise routine, relaxation) to provide an anabolic (building and repair) situation as opposed to one of chronic stress and breakdown (catabolic).

I regard these rebalancing steps as Foundational, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t take time to get in place. They aren’t complicated in nature, but appreciating how influential they are will always be fundamental in my approach.

Following the removal of bad bugs, we introduced careful digestive capacity and gut healing protocols that enabled Abbi’s body to operate more efficiently and deliver the required nutrients to all her cells in her body.

‘Restoring’ these levels and functions allows the cells, organs, systems to finally start expressing their Blueprint.

Now the feedback from the body is that it has what it needs and hence the symptoms start to disappear. It’s not magic or mysterious! It’s perfect by design!

Within 4 months these were Abbi’s results:

  • Complete normalisation of bowel movements

  • No belching

  • No more thirst and hunger

  • No more embarrassing bad breath

  • Reduced dermatitis

  • No energy dip whatsoever at 3pm

  • Excellent quality sleep

  • No more Headaches
No Asthma during the cold months

  • 4kgs healthy body weight loss

Here’s what she had to say:

“I searched for answers for a long time before I was introduced to functional medicine and we ran the diagnostics. It looked like a long road ahead to optimise my health. However Jack helped me using his thorough knowledge of functional medicine and nutrition and we started to get my body on track again. Over time, I felt more & more healthier & happier within myself. I can’t thank Jack enough. Not only did we clear the H-Pylori, but he also taught me so much about my body that I can hold onto forever and put in place whenever I need. Thanks Jack. I appreciate your time & the effort you put into this.”