Testimonial Submission

Your Testimonial is greatly appreciated.  Please submit your written and video Testimonials below.

Written Testimonial


Video Testimonial

Video Testimonials are a fantastic way of sharing your experience so please submit using the Video Recorder below.

During the testimonial you could speak about:

  • Why you decided to take begin the program originally
  • How the support has impacted your own health and other areas of your life
  • How it has impacted the health of others around you
  • Why you would recommend the health restoration program to people for their own health
  • Keep the video to about 3 minutes

It’s really easy to do!

All you need is a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet — anything with a web cam and built-in speakers.  And … the best part is that once you record a video, if you don’t like it, you can redo it as often as you want and whenever you want!


  1. To start, click the red Record Video button below
  2. Next, click the Record button that appears to start your recording
  3. Speak your message
  4. Click the Stop button when you’re finished
  5. Then, to playback and watch your new recording, click Replay
  6. To re-record your message, click Retake
  7. (Note: You can practice your video as many times as you want before submitting it for posting)
  8. To save your recording and send it to us for posting, click Submit
  9. If you wish to delete a Submitted video, just let me know and it will be deleted so that you can record another, when you’re ready

Lights … Camera … Action !