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WEEK 1: Optimising Hydration

Such a simple step, but one that is often overlooked or overcomplicated.  When you find out how to optimise your hydration with some simple steps you will enhance your digestion, detoxification, immune strength, hormonal balance, cardiovascular health, energy production and much more.  Do this whilst avoiding the common mistakes that most people make.



WEEK 2: Inflammatory Foods

What is an inflammatory food?  Do you know which key foods you can begin to eliminate from your diet to get powerful changes in your health?  The key is to be able to do this without the stress of creating too much restriction.  When you stop putting these foods into your body your system can finally start to repair and heal.  Learn which foods to begin with and the step-by-step method to make this process as simple and easy as possible.



WEEK 3: Healthy Breakfasts

Trying to change everything at once is a major pitfall when optimising nutrition.  Tweaking one meal at a time is an excellent way to build your diet, ensuring you can track progress along the way.  Breakfast is ‘the most important meal of the day’,  not because it should be the biggest, but simply because once you get it right, it will front-load your day and have a positive knock-on effect on your performance, decisions and actions for the rest of the day!



WEEK 4: Balanced MacroNutrients

To be able to get the right fuel mix on your plate you need to be able to balance all three of the Macronutrients.  This is one of the most effective skills you will master when customising your nutrition.  Not only will this help you as soon as you implement it – this will be something that will empower your nutrition for the rest of your life.  Also, getting this step in place first then leads to greater nutrient status levels of micronutrients (vitamins/minerals).



WEEK 5: Lunch, Dinner and Snacks 

Building on the principles of creating the optimal meal to start your day with, you can begin to apply these to your lunch, dinner and snacks.  Ensure that you can find the balance of practicality, availability and convenience alongside the goal of highly nutritious foods.  Develop menus for the week that work with your routines and demands of the day.  Snacking is also one of the areas that falls by the wayside and can be a huge part of your healing program.



WEEK 6: Good Fats 

We take some time to really focus on a very controversial topic.  From how much to which type, there are many different opinions and a lot of research on the subject of ‘Fat’.  With this information you’ll be able to choose the fats that work best for your digestion, boosts your energy levels, turns on your anti-inflammatory mechanisms and helps you heal.  Not only that – this step alone often relates directly to the cause of current symptoms!



WEEK 7: Raw, Cooked and Organic 

Have you ever tried a raw food diet, wondered whether cooking food affects nutritional quality or want to know how best to add organic food to your diet?  We’ll delve into finding the balance between raw and cooked, why certain raw foods cause digestive, detoxification and thyroid disruption and best ways to cook to maintain nutritional quality.  ‘Organic’ is now big-brand business and with some simple tips you can avoid confusion and still achieve affordable high quality.



WEEK 8: Enhancing Your Program

At this stage of the program you will have achieved more for your nutritional needs than many achieve in years of following one-size-fits-all diets and chasing symptoms with unstructured programs. Looking to fine-tune your nutrition even closer to your individual requirements? Then now is the time to take advantage of additional strategies, apply easy home physiology tests, investigate ‘blocking factors’ and even harness the power of functional lab testing.


For the past 24yrs I struggled with ulcerative colitis and a lot of the information available was confusing, contradictory and misleading. Since, with Jack, it’s been an incredible healing journey. The only thing I regret is not having made this decision earlier.

Jack advised me to take a single action that would change my life for the better within 48 hours. That was the beginning of a most remarkable journey, Jack leading me all the way. The information I gleaned has been instrumental in wonderful improvements to my overall health.

The despair of my well being made me feel like it’s too late for me as life itself was meaningless. After coming across Jack Walton’s program I’ve made the biggest progress in my health condition, surpassing my health goals and reaching the highest vitality I can remember.



This Mini Course is usually £100/$125, so why sell it for just £10 to people who visit my website everyday?

It’s simple really. By sharing this information with you and as many people as possible I can achieve two things:

  1. Make a bigger difference for anyone looking to improve their health and with relatively quick and simple steps too.
  2. Make it easier for anyone to find out more about my approach and how I like to optimize a healing process.

I hope that if you love this mini course and my approach so much that if you need further support – you’ll actually want to invest in other services I provide.  If not, no problem 😉


“Nutrition” is not separate to anything or everything else you are doing to enhance your wellbeing.  It can be a cohesive part of the process. It will drive your success if implemented effectively.

Food can definitely be your Medicine and as someone in search of answers to your health challenges I imagine you are already aware of this.

So what is a “healthy diet”, which one is the best one out there, which foods will fix this and that problem, what foods should I avoid, etc?  These are all great questions and the answers all have something in common.

The answer will always, 100% of the time depend on you and your individuality.

Whilst some answers are more obvious than others, it can also feel a little confusing and not so obvious for some topics, foods and decisions you need to make for your nutrition.

You are not alone in this.

During an Initial Consultation with my clients it quickly becomes apparent that this confusion over food is one of the biggest stresses in their life.  And that’s on top of the stress of living with the symptoms!

Following diets, being in search of super foods and fearing others is a very time consuming and ineffective.  It’s a merry-go-round of ups and downs and usually leaves you right back at the beginning.  It’s frustrating and often a waste of time, money and yields poor results.

So I don’t waste time with this approach.  It isn’t a Functional Health Approach.

Instead, we begin the process of getting clear about what your body needs and how you can systematically customise the nutrition to deliver the goods.

Customising your food means that at each step you are in control and you will be fine-tuning your way to being an expert in your personal nutrition.


Nutrition will benefit your health in so many ways that we cannot list them all here.  In particular:

  • Digestive Health
  • Chronic Pain and Inflammatory conditions
  • MusculoSkeletal health
  • Energy and Fatigue challenges
  • Immune function
  • Thyroid, Adrenal function and Hormonal Balance
  • Skin health and much more

There is an incredible and sometimes overwhelming amount of information available for us via advancing information technology. This is a fantastic thing, but the challenge with it is that there is a tendency for this to lead to confusion and ultimately, no action!

This is the exact reason why I wanted to provide a quality product for you.

I want you to be able to take credible information and actually apply it and get some meaningful changes in your health.  Coaching can do this for you.

This mini course won’t provide every single answer to your health challenges, but it will provide at the very least, a strong foundation. As humans, we are quite complex by nature. Yet this doesn’t mean that the principles of healing can’t be quite simple.

My 1-to-1 clients who I coach through the Health Restoration Program are successful because of the attention paid to how we do it, not just what we do. We all have the opportunity to dig deeper and investigate further when required.


Once you have downloaded the 8-Week Mini Course you will have access to:

  • The ‘Customise Your Nutrition’ PDF.
  • 8 Chapters to coach you through the weekly steps.
  • The key steps that I ensure all my 1-to-1 clients have in place.
  • All this information to apply in the convenience of your own home.
  • Opportunity to email me any specific questions you have.


So far I hope you have already benefitted from any of the free articles and information on this website and you are about to get further value from this Nutrition mini course.

Ultimately my goal is to work with you on an individual level if you are ready to take advantage of the 1-to-1 services.

This is where I do my best work and where my passion is.  Real-time and laser-focussed coaching that creates a team to achieve your goals.  We leave no stone unturned and find solutions to every challenge along the way.  That’s the healing process.

I’m a big advocate of simplicity and sometimes all you require to unlock your vitality and express your blueprint is a small, key change.  That’s awesome, but as complex-beings the answers are sometimes more complex and take a little more investigative work and fine-tuning of solutions.

Just read my Client Testimonials to see what can be done.

If this is for you then your next step is to either Run an Initial Consultation and Case Review or to visit me in Clinic and Book onto the Functional Health Chronic Pain Clinic.

My practice involves consulting with many clients around the Globe and also in Clinic for those people located in the region.  Therefore many of my clients in the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia take advantage of distance coaching and my time in clinic is limited to a few clients per week with the focus on quality support not volume.


Receive 90% OFF Today

ALMOST THERE ..... 90%

Based on lab test work and case review we followed a weekly strategy to optimize my nutrition. Jack gave me the power to be confident about my health and all that he taught me is now part of my life.

It looked like a long road ahead to optimise my health. However Jack helped me using his thorough knowledge of functional medicine and nutrition to get my body on track again. I can’t thank Jack enough who taught me so much about my body that I can put in place whenever I need.

I started working with Jack to alleviate some constant bladder symptoms, but I gained so much more than relief to my bladder. I learnt how to look after myself to a higher standard and maintain life with full vitality. The knowledge and skills I picked up are now in my ‘tool box’ for life!