Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis [Case Study excerpt]

Have you ever experienced Sleep Paralysis Episodes.   let’s take a look at an excerpt from Nicki’s case study (full version here:   Back to the Timeline and Nicki’s health history, with this very significant experience that she had been having relatively recently.   A few years earlier, during a very stressful final year[…]

Blue Light Blockers

Blue Light Blockers

It’s essential to understand (at least just a little) how Light interacts with our biology. As it is somewhat less ‘tangible’ this topic is often met with anything from confusion and disinterest to scepticism.   So let’s start by acknowledging that the FULL spectrum of visible light is important. There’s just some context to it.[…]


TESTIMONIAL // Acid Reflux, H pylori and Nutrition

Marcelino had been struggling with his health with acid reflux and various symptoms for 8 years. We worked together for 4 months with some impressive dedication! Marcelino’s strength seemed to be drawn from his previous athletic experiences, from when he was a professional cyclist. We pulled together an approach and he solved the acid reflux,[…]


HRP Phase 3 – REWIRE

Before you decide exactly ‘what’ steps/solutions/strategies you are going to implement to achieve your goals,  Pause…………. Ensure that you have established the ‘why’ and ‘how’. This is probably the most apparent challenge when we first review a person’s timeline prior to working with them. There has been a great deal of effort and resources invested[…]


TESTIMONIAL // Meghan’s Pregnancy and Functional Health Approach

A person’s ‘Health Goals’ are often related to achieving something beyond their health and wellbeing. And Meghan’s case was certainly a great example of this. The goal was indeed to solve some digestive infections and gut health challenges, but achieving this would optimise her vitality and reproductive health in order to support her greater goal[…]


HRP Phase 2 – REVEAL

REVEAL – ‘Assess for Success’ Building on a greater understanding and appreciation of how our bodies function – the second phase of the HRP process is to gain individual insight and clarity into why you feel the way you feel. It is often the case that by the time somebody seeks out a Functional Approach to[…]

Chronic Ear Infections


Fiona came to see me towards the end of 2017.  In her mid-twenties it had been 5 years since she had felt in good health.  As she described her chronic ear infections and gut health challenges it became clear how complex her case would be. Integrated Functional and Medical Approach So far Fiona had run[...]
Gut healing therapies

Book Your 1-to-1 Gut Health Clinic Day

March 2019 – Gut Health Clinic Day Availability You can now book your clinic day to investigate your digestive or gut health challenges. There are only two spots and these next dates are in March. More information and Booking: The day is completely individual, 1-to-1 and in a private clinic space. Gut Healing therapies The whole day[…]

Functional Medicine Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation Feedback

Kristina’s Initial Consultation Feedback from last week “I am so thankful I decided to do the GI Map Test and Consultation with Jack Walton. I’ve had years of stomach issues and doctors would just tell me things like “you are fine” or “it could be worse.” I felt like I wasn’t being taken seriously and[…]