High Steatocrit

High Steatocrit

When ‘High Steatocrit’ levels come back on our gut health tests (GI Map) it enables us to focus the strategies pretty quickly.   Steatocrit is a marker of fat digestion. When it is high it highlights that fat in the diet is not being broken down effectively.   This could be happening for several reasons,[…]

Initial Consultation

Testimonial -Team USA Athlete Stefanie’s Gut Challenges

Latest Testimonial for the Functional Health Clinic   They’re coming in from all corners of the World!   Stefanie was in her sixties, a Duathlon athlete for Team USA and was experiencing lower abdominal pain, having been constipated her “whole life”. “When I started out researching functional health, I was fighting an unhealthy gut. I[…]

GI Map Blastocystis hominis parasite

GI Map Blastocystis hominis Parasite

The opportunistic Blastocystis hominis parasite comes back relatively often on our functional gut tests. Blastocystis was first identified in 1911 and it has been compared to the likes of Giardia and Cryptosporidium, which people may be a little more aware of.   Blastocystis is interesting because many doctors still do not consider Blasto to be[…]

H pylori

Not An H pylori Issue

Here at the Functional Health Clinic, we are often contacted by people with gut health challenges. From acid reflux, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation etc.   When there has been a health and medical history of acid reflux, heartburn, gastritis, stomach pain and endoscopy procedures – there’s often a valid consideration that a bacterial infection called[…]

Helicobacter pylori Lab Test

Helicobacter pylori Lab Test

We see Helicobacter pylori or H.pylori bacteria come back on many of the Gut Health Lab Tests that we run. If you’ve ever had heartburn, acid reflux, stomach pain, had an Endoscopy or taken Triple Therapy (Antibiotics, PPIs) you’ll probably be aware of it.   Interestingly there are some quite opposing views regarding the importance[…]

Alleviating IBS

Testimonial – Alleviating 4 Years of IBS

  Lorena contacted the Functional Health Clinic for help with alleviating IBS symptoms related to chronic health challenges that she had been experiencing for the last 4 years.   She’d been diagnosed by her Dr with IBS, but there had been limited progress so far.    The challenge with the IBS term is that it[…]

Case Study Sudden Onset

CASE Study – A Sudden Onset

Here’s an excerpt from Alphie’s full Case Study (which you can read here). When working 1-1 with our clients we always thoroughly review the health history and timeline of events.  Reflecting on this, Alphie described the moment (18 years earlier) that he suddenly started to experience an agonising stomach pain one day in class at[…]

Calprotectin and Secretory IgA Test

Calprotectin and secretory IgA

If you are already interested in Gut Health and ways to understand the function of your digestive function – then I’m sure you’ll be interested in a couple of markers called Calprotectin and Secretory IgA.   What could be the significance of these markers coming back on your Gut Health Test?   High Secretory IgA[…]

Probiotic Infatuation

Probiotic Infatuation

Is it always wise to consume probiotic foods and supplements? This is a bit of a weighted question. ……and the short answer is “no it is not always wise”. Let’s consider some elements of probiotic infatuation, as there is no such thing as a ‘good’ bug that will give you a guaranteed desired outcome. So[…]

Low Secretory IgA

Low Secretory IgA

Secretory IgA, or sIgA, is a class of antibodies produced by and secreted from mucosal surfaces, especially the GI and respiratory tracts. In the gastrointestinal epithelium, sIgA is the first line of defense against the entry of enteric toxins and pathogenic organisms from the colon. When sIgA is Low – This could be a sign[…]

Gastritis and Abdominal Pain

Gastritis and Abdominal Pain

Solving 10 years of gastritis and abdominal pain The opportunity to coach Bob 1-to-1 was fantastic.  He’d been experiencing digestive health challenges for a long time and despite a great deal of effort so far by him and his wife – they just weren’t making progress.   Once we ran an Initial Consultation and had[…]


Testimonial: Indigestion, Body Composition and Hormones

Melanie had not been feeling well for about 5 years.  She was very capable, but really struggling with the vast amount of information and different programs available!  So – she changed tack.  We joined forces and she shares her experience with you here: Jack, I want you to know how much I appreciate your program[…]


TESTIMONIAL // Acid Reflux, H pylori and Nutrition

Marcelino had been struggling with his health with acid reflux and various symptoms for 8 years. We worked together for 4 months with some impressive dedication! Marcelino’s strength seemed to be drawn from his previous athletic experiences, from when he was a professional cyclist. We pulled together an approach and he solved the acid reflux,[…]

Juice Cleansing Exacerbating Symptoms

Juice Cleanse Exacerbating Symptoms

Have you ever experienced a juice cleanse that exacerbated your symptoms? Were you surprised, disappointed and feeling a little let down? Well – that’s how Robert (see case study) felt too!  After decades of trying various gut healing strategies like juicing, only to actually be causing more irritation, flare-ups (ulcerative colitis) and increased symptoms. All,[…]

Gut Health Clinic Day

Newcastle Gut Health Clinic Day

The Newcastle Gut Health Clinic Day to master your digestive health is now open for April bookings (2 slots). Read more and book here: https://functionalhealthclinic.co.uk/functional-gut-health-day/ SOLUTION 1  ASSESSING, NOT GUESSING If you have chronic digestive issues and are looking for solutions then the likelihood is that you’ve been on the merry-go-round of symptoms and treatment[…]

Ulcerative Colitis Pre-Symptoms

Ulcerative Colitis Pre-Symptoms [Case Study Excerpt]

Let’s take a look at Robert’s Ulcerative Colitis Pre-Symptoms:  Stomach Pain  Colon/Abdominal Pain. Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis for previous 23 years.  Right side Abdominal Tenderness  Nausea  Belching  Bloating  Foul Smelling Stool  Constipation  Headaches  Upper Back Pain/Right side continuous discomfort  Aching Muscles  Fatigue  Low Libido  Poor Concentration  Depressed  Anxiety  Frequently catching colds  Cravings for salty foods  Dizziness[…]


TESTIMONIAL – Abbi’s Digestive Infection Recovery

Jack guided me to get my body to it’s optimal state, which I can say feels fantastic. At the age of 22, after travelling around the world I was suffering with many symptoms that were effecting everyday life. I searched for answers for a long time before I was introduced to functional medicine and we[…]

Ulcerative Colitis Case Study Video

Case Study Video – Ulcerative Colitis

We’ve discussed this case study before, but here’s the video that goes over a few key nutritional pointers for Robert’s approach to solving his Ulcerative Colitis. You can read the full case study write up here: https://functionalhealthclinic.co.uk/case-study-ulcerative-colitis/ To emphasise – this was a functional approach to enhancing health. Ulcerative Colitis’ is a medical term and[…]


Ulcerative Colitis – CASE STUDY Excerpt

Here’s Robert’s remarkable 24-year journey enhancing his wellbeing and overcoming challenges such as Ulcerative Colitis along the way [Full Case Study Here]. ‘Ulcerative Colitis’ Medical Definition from the Mayo Clinic:  “Ulcerative colitis (UL-sur-uh-tiv koe-LIE-tis) is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes inflammation and ulcers (sores) in your digestive tract. Ulcerative colitis affects the innermost lining[…]


TESTIMONIAL // Meghan’s Pregnancy and Functional Health Approach

A person’s ‘Health Goals’ are often related to achieving something beyond their health and wellbeing. And Meghan’s case was certainly a great example of this. The goal was indeed to solve some digestive infections and gut health challenges, but achieving this would optimise her vitality and reproductive health in order to support her greater goal[…]