April 10, 2016


As part of your Initial Consultation preparation you are also required to submit 3 days of Biomeasurements.  These are very insightful morning measurements that you take on waking and include Underarm Temperature and Resting Pulse.


  • Mercury or Digital Thermometer for your underarm temperature.
  • Stopwatch to time 60seconds for your resting pulse.
  • If you have a digital heart rate monitor you can use that instead.


On waking, before you get up and do any specific activity, place your thermometer under your arm pit.  As the Thermometer measures your temperature, find your pulse at your carotid artery (on your neck to the side of your windpipe) or wrist (radial artery) using your index and middle finger.  Count the heart beats for 60 seconds and record your resting pulse.

If you are using a Mercury Thermometer you will need to shake it down the night before and lie still for 10mins when you are taking your temperature.  Digital thermometers will work much quicker, so follow the manufacturer instructions.

P.S. Have you completed the rest of your Intake Paperwork?: