The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

  • Are you struggling with the Conventional approach to chronic pain management?
  • Test results coming back “normal”, leaving you frustrated?
  • Are you ready to stop guessing and start Assessing, comprehensively?
  • Do you believe that your body has a blueprint for wellness and want to access it?
  • Ready to take a Functional Approach to Building Health and Vitality?
  • Would you like to harness the power of Functional Medicine?

If you are answering ‘Yes’ to the above questions then you’ll love the steps outlined in the download.  There’s so much to share with this functional health approach that I’ve pulled together the most important and essential strategies for you to learn quickly and conveniently. In the pdf you’ll learn the top three strategies and it’s already 27 pages!

Suffering with many symptoms that were effecting everyday life, I searched a long time for answers before Jack helped me feel healthier and happier within myself and get my body to it’s optimal state, which I can say feels fantastic.

I had been in such a lot of back pain for about 6 months, yet within a week my pain had reduced by 50% and after just four sessions I felt great – No pain, not even any stiffness. The best experience I’ve had of a health treatment by far. And believe me I’ve tried everything!

Having chronic back pain for a lot of years I often relied on Morphine for pain relief. I’d tried NHS Physio without any improvements, so I was amazed at the difference the program made. Now no morphine or pain medication as the back pain has been alleviated.



Conventional medicine didn’t help me. I needed someone who could educate me on a holistic and natural approach. Jack has helped me regain my life, thank you for an incredible healing journey.

When I consider the costs, they were miniscule when compared to what I have spent with all but useless mainstream medicine, it is my advice to anyone considering working with Jack that you sign up.

Over 4 to 5 years of suffering from digestive issues my doctors were convinced I’d lost my mind. I felt let down by all of them. On the program I have surpassed my health goals and have reached the highest vitality since I can remember.